St George's House,
Northern Police Orphanage. 1898-1956  Harrogate, Yorkshire, England.


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 St George's House, original building and main entrance, Otley Road, Harrogate. Yorkshire, England.
           St George's House Original Building
     The Aim of this website...
 to provide a historical record of the
    lives and activities of the orphan
    children all of whom came from families
    of Police officers, also to make the
    information available to anyone who
    may be interested, including:

Descendents of the Gurney family.
    St George's House Orphans
    Families of the St George's boys & girls.
    Police Historians.
    Members of the UK Police Force. 
    St George's Police Children Trust. 
    Educational institutions. 
    The general public.
Website launch date September, 2007.

The Orphanage was founded in 1897 by Miss Catherine Gurney, OBE, for the care and welfare of
Police Force children who had lost one or both parents. The children were housed at the Northern Police Orphanage,
located on 12 acres of land on Otley Road, Harrogate from 1898 until they were relocated to Albany Lodge, Hereford Road, Harrogate in 1955.  From January 1898 when the first child, Minnie Smith from Sunderland was taken in, until closure in 1956 due to the declining numbers of children in need, a total of 644 children had passed through the doors of St George's (the names of the children cared for can be seen on 'List of Children' page).  Refer following page 'Catherine Gurney', for details of her aims and achievements.


  Albany Lodge...............
From its inception, St George's House Orphanage operated from Otley Road until January  
  1955, when it was relocated to Albany Lodge,16 Hereford Rd, Harrogate, finally closing its 
  doors in August the following year.  

The Ridings of Yorkshire                                                          The Yorkshire Rose

The Town of Harrogate,Yorkshire.         The gardens of Harrogate, Yorkshire.  

1970 Map of Harrogate: showing the location of St George's and St Andrew's.


1878 Map of Harrogate: showing the location of the original St George's College.


  The pages (see list top left), supported by many photographs, tell some of the story of what life was like for the children living
  in an English Orphanage in the late 1800's and early to mid 1900's. In particular, we recommend that you read the stories   
  written by some of the old boys and girls describing their experiences, these are located on the Memories and Life at St George's

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