St George's House,
Northern Police Orphanage. 1898-1956  Harrogate, Yorkshire, England.




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Management and Staff

Because of the lack of documentation it is not possible to accurately list all of the people that worked at St George's, following however is an indicative list of those names that have been located. More will be added later as they are found.

    Staff members. Photo taken early 1950's.
    Front row:first on left Miss Trowsdale, seated in the centre is Miss E. Duke Turner, far right Miss Gladys Johnson
    Second row from bottom:third from left Miss Waites, fourth from left Miss Ellis
    Third row from bottom: unknown
    Back Row: Mrs L.Thrush, Mr Lawrence Thrush, Head Gardener, Mr George Bateson, Under Gardener.

Two further photos of St George's Staff, date unknown.

                  If you can identify anyone on these photo please let us know, see Contact/Links page. 

                 Miss Knocker (seated front centre), with members of the staff and visiting old boys and girls.

                           Miss E. Knocker (front centre) with a group of staff and visiting old boys and girls.

The St George's Staff, over the years.   

Miss E. Chapman: Lady Superintendent  Miss Appleton
Miss E. M. Knocker: Lady Superintendent  Mr. Thrush: Gardener
Miss E. P. Duke Turner: Lady Superintendent Mr. Bennett: Gardener
Miss Marjorie Adams: Secretary to Miss E.M.Knocker  Miss Arliss: Girls' Matron
Miss Jane Blair: Assistant to Miss Adams Miss Grace Asher: Girls' Matron  
Sister Batty: Sick Wing and Surgery Miss Clara Eden: Girls' Matron
Mary J. Taylor: Secretary Miss Evelyn P Jolliffe: Girls' Matron
Jane A. Grodsdale: Asst Matron Mrs. Coates nee Miss Hilda Carne : Girls' Matron
Sarah A. Ward: Asst Matron Miss Woods: Seamstress
Amy Darby: Domestic Cook Mrs Nellie Cherry: Head Cook
Fanny Hay: Needlewoman Miss Grace Hall: Miss Knocker's Maid
Ada C. Sargeant: Servant Mrs Ethel Madew: Assistant Cook and Maid
John Adams: Gardener Joan: Nurserymaid
James Benson: Under Gardener Miss Ivy Green: Girls' Matron 
Isobel Scott: Domestic Under Housemaid Mr Godwin: House Master
Gladys Mary Phipps: Sick Nurse Mr Drake: Singing
Laura Parish: Girls' Matron Mr Clark: Boys' Master
Louisa Atkinson: Boys' Matron Mr Eagle   
Helen Armstrong: Girls' Asst Matron Mr McCrillick
Bertha Heap: Boys' Asst Matron Mr Student
Sarah Butler: Cook Capt Clarke
Fanny Abday: Needlewoman Mrs Gertrude Mitchell: Deputy Cook
Georgina Polly Scott: Housemaid Mrs Mollie Millar
Rose Buchanan: Trainee Housemaid Mrs Petty nee Lockwood
Maud Forsyth: Trainee Housemaid D. Barney nee Priestley: Girls Gymnastics
Gladys Walkington: Trainee Housemaid Dr Yeomans: Visiting GP
Edith Mary Cook: Trainee Housemaid Mat Steele nee Adams
Harry Wood: Gardener Lucy Bowness nee Corlett
Miss F. Burden Mr. Benton: Boys' Master
Mr J. Moffat: Boys' Master Mr. Trendle: Boys' Master
Mr. Gregor  MacTavish: Boys' Master Mr Donald F. Jarman: Boys' Master 
Mr E. de la Mare: Boys Master and Under Gardener Miss M.H. Brown: Boys' Matron
Miss Rogerson: Matron Mr J. Lowe: Boys' Master
Miss Trickett: Matron Mr Parry: Boys' Master
Mr Mearing Mr Stead
Mr Innis Mr Scan
Mrs Ayton: Cook Mr Kendrew
Miss Mackay Mrs Woledge: Music
Mr 'Mick' Styan: Housemaster & Boys Gymnastics Sister Kenny: Sick Wing & Surgery
Miss Trowsdale Miss Gladys Johnson
Miss Ellis Miss Waites
Mrs Robinson. Cleaner Miss Appleton


Photo: Mr Donald F. Jarman.                       Two photos of Nellie Cherry, the first one dated around
                     Boys' Assistant House Master                     1935 and the second one dated 1988.
Nellie Cherry started working at St George's in 1933 as
                                                                                 Assistant Cook and one year later assumed the position
                                                                                 of Head Cook. She was highly thought of by both Staff
                                                                                 and children. Nellie continued in this position until her
                                                                                 resignation in 1949. She was then employed for a short
                                                                                 period by Miss Knocker & Miss Adams, both of whom had
                                                                                 retired by then, as Cook and General Aide at their home.

                                               Eleanor Mary (Molly) Millar joined the staff of St George's around 1952,
                                          after her husband died. Her son Michael Millar served with the Royal
                                          Engineers, Longmoor Camp, Hampshire.
                                          Molly died aged 52 in St James's Hospital, Leeds after a car accident.


                                                                       Non Resident 'Local' Staff  
          Mrs Woledge: Pianoforte Teacher                           Miss Priestley: Girls Gymnastics Teacher
          Mr Drake: Singing Master (StGeorge's Girl's Choir)     
Mr Kendrew:Trainer.GymnasticsDisplays -Countermarching,
          Miss Hughes: Girls Gymnastics Teacher                    Miss Kitty Kendrew: Overseer of Evening Scholastic   Homework
          Mr Oakley: Shoe Repairer                                      Mr Harold Styan: Phys-Ed/Gymnastics (see article below)
          Rev. Usher


Mr. Harold 'Mickey' Styan, House Master and  Boys’ Gymnastics Master at St. George’s Harrogate. 

Mr. Styan was a very well respected member of Staff at St. George’s. He was born 4.3.1895 probably at 4 Nidd Vale Terrace, Harrogate. The 1911 Census taken at 8 Providence Terrace, Harrogate shows that he was 16 years old and working as a Page at the Harrogate Opera House.  His father, Alfred was born in Harrogate and was a House Painter.  Harold was the youngest of at least seven children. He served in the Physical Training Corps during the First World War (1914-1918). He was gassed during one of the battles and spent a few weeks in a hospital. After he was demobilized he returned to Harrogate and continued with his sporting activities, teaching at various local schools, always taking great interest in boys’ activities. He married May Waggott in the March Quarter of 1923. BMD Ref: Knaresborough Volume 9a Page 186. Although the exact date is unknown, it is thought that around 1926, he took up the position of House Master and Gymnastics Instructor to the boys at St. George’s, where he was well liked by the boys. He was firm, but fair and kind.  He also organized the Boys’ Football and Cricket Teams and arranged matches with other teams in the town. To raise money to finance the St. George’s Scouts’ camps, he sold 99% of the tickets to Harrogatonians, who attended concerts given by the boys in the Gymnasium.  His only child, Diana Joan Styan was born 21.9.1925 in Harrogate. Harold, with his wife May and daughter Joan lived in the Staff flat within the newly built Boys’ Wing of St. George’s House and Tom Berry remembers pushing Joan in her pushchair around the grounds. Harold left St. George’s after working there for about three and half years but his interest in the St. George’s boys continued. He bought a house in West End Avenue and then opened a Sports Shop near the Methodist Church in the centre of Harrogate. He continued with his sporting activities, teaching at various schools in Harrogate, whilst his wife, May looked after the shop. He was awarded the MBE for his services to the youth of Harrogate and he formed the Harold Styan’s Boys’ Club at New Park. His wife and daughter regularly attended our Reunions during the 1960s-1970s. Harold died aged 87 in the December Quarter of 1982. I have been unable to trace the date of death for his wife, May. Old Boys and Girls attending our Annual Reunions in Harrogate visited his daughter, Joan, at her home in West End Avenue until her death, aged 79, in January 2005.


                                            Harold Styan shown here with the NPO, Northern Police Orphanage Cricket eleven.
                                   Photo dated: 1926

Harold Styan. 1895 - 1982

Harold Styan was born 4.3.1895 in Harrogate, probably at 4, Nidd Vale Terrace.
His father was Alfred Styan, born in the June Quarter of 1854 in Harrogate. BMD Ref: Knaresborough Volume 9a Page 99.
His mother was Elizabeth Warriner Ward born c 1855 North Stainley near Ripon.
Alfred Styan and Elizabeth Warriner Ward were married in the September Quarter of 1878. BMD Ref: Knaresborough Volume 9a Page 151.
The 1881 Census taken at 8 Northumberland Court, Harrogate shows Alfred, aged 26, House Painter living with his wife Elizabeth, 25 and their child, Percy Styan, born in the June Quarter of 1879. BMD Ref: Knaresborough Volume 9a Page 114.
The 1891 Census taken at 4, Nidd Vale Terrace, Harrogate shows Alfred, 37, House Painter living with his wife Elizabeth, 36 and their children:

1891 Census taken at 4 Nidd Vale Terrace, Harrogate, Yorkshire.

Name Age Born Notes
Alfred Styan 36   Plumber & Painter
Elizabeth Styan 36   Wife
Percy Styan 12    
Arthur Styan 9 Born September Qtr 1881 BMD Ref: Knaresborough Volume 9a Page 102.
Lillian Styan 7 Born June Qtr 1884 BMD Ref: Knaresborough Volume 9a Page 108.  
Ernest Styan 5 Born December Qtr 1885 BMD Ref: Knaresborough Volume 9a Page 106.
Rose Styan * 4 Born March Qtr 1887 BMD Ref: Knaresborough Volume 9a Page10
Harry Styan 2 Born March Qtr 1889 BMD Ref: Knaresborough Volume 9a Page 104
Rose Styan* died aged 6   BMD Ref: Knaresborough June Qtr 1893. Volume 9a Page 76

!901 Census taken at 51 Nidd Vale Terrace, Harrogate, Yorkshire.

Name Relation  Married-Single M F Notes Born
Alfred Styan Head Married 46   Plumber & Painter Harrogate
Elizabeth Styan Wife     46   North Stainsley
Percy Styan Son Single 21   Plumber Harrogate
Arthur Styan Son Single 19   Plumber Harrogate
Lily Styan Daughter Single   17   Harrogate
Ernest Styan Son Single 15   Errand boy Harrogate
Harry Styan Son Single 12     Harrogate
Albert Styan Son Single 8     Harrogate
Harold Styan Son Single 6     Harrogate
William Wheatley Boarder Married 30 Plasterer Harrogate

Research Elsie Gale nee Bradley (541)


Typical St George's House - Management Structure. Reproduced from 1948-49 Annual report


The Lords Lieutenant of the Northern & Midland Counties and North Wales and the Chairman of Quarter Sessions.

The Right Hon. the Earl of Scarborough, K.G.,G.C.S.I.,G.C.I.E.
      Lord Lieutenant of the West Riding of Yorkshire.

H.M.Inspectors of Constabulary.
The Chief Constables of County, City and Borough Police Forces in the Northern and North Midland Counties and North Wales,
River Tyne Police and City of Glasgow. 
The Christian Police Trust Corporation:    
Hon. Directors:  
Capt. G.E.Banwell, OBE, MC. (C.C.Cheshire)
J. Williamson, Esq, OBE, (C.C. Northampton)
Sir Archibald Hordern, CBE, AFC, (C.C. Lancashire)
L.W.Terry Jupp, Esq
G. Paisley, Esq
Insp. J. Ellis (Lancs)
H.G.Judd, Esq, CBE (Hon Treas)
PC. C.Eccleshall (Salford)
P.S. A.Catto
Capt. W.J. Hutchinson (C.C.Brighton)
R.A.Harris, Esq

General Council: 
The President, Vice Presidents, the Committee, one representative from each Police Force in the Northern & North Midland
Counties of England and North Wales and two members of the Christian Police Trust Corporation.

General & Finance Committee:
Chairman: Major Le G.G.W. Horton-Fawkes, OBE
Sir Geoffrey Burton. KCSI., KCIE (Hon Treasurer)                       G.E.Scott, Esq, OBE, (C.C.Sheffield)
Capt. G.E.Banwell, OBE, MC (CPT Representative C.C.Cheshire)    Lt Col. Sir William H. Ingilby, Bt, J.P.
P.T. Briarly Browne, Esq (C.C.Cumb & West)                             Supt. H. Ambler (Bradford)
Sir Archibald Hordern CBE, AFC (CPT Representative C.C.Lancs)   Lt Col. J.C. Chaytor, DSO, MC, (C.C. North Riding)
Supt. J.L.Dunn (West Riding)                                                 Brigadier J.N.Cheney, OBE (C.C.East Riding)
Insp J. Ellis (CPT Representative) (Lancs)                                Insp. H.Blow (Derby)
R.H.Fooks, Esq. MA, (C.C.Lincs)                                             Sergt. J. Richardson (Sunderland)
Col T.E. St Johnston OBE. (C.C. Co Durham)                             PC. K.Mackreth (Cheshire)
PC. C. Eccleshall (CPT Representative Salford)                          Capt. H.Studdy, CBE  (C.C. West Riding)
J. Chadwick, Esq. (C.C. Huddersfield)                                      Mrs Behrens
R. Hall, Esq. (C.C.Rotherham)                                                 Miss H. Hopkinson
C.G. Looms, Esq. (C.C. Blackburn)                                           Mrs H.A.Ryott
H.S.Price, Esq. OBE  (C.C. Bradford)                                        L. Prosser, Esq. MB. Ch B.
W.Schofield, Esq. OBE  (C.C. Oldham)                                      W.Yeoman, Esq. MD.  

Electoral Committee:
Chairman: Major Le G.G.W.Horton-Fawkes, OBE
Lt,Col. Sir William H. Ingilby, Bt, JP.                                        J. Chadwick, Esq. (C.C. Huddersfield)
P.T. Briarly Browne, Esq (C.C. Cumb & West)                           R. Hall, Esq. (C.C. Rotherham)
C.G.Looms, Esq (C.C.Blackburn)                                             H. S. Price, Esq  OBE (C.C. Bradford)
Lt.Col. J. C. Chaytor, DSO. MC.(C.C.North Riding)                     W.E. Schofield, Esq. OBE (C.C.Oldham)
Brigadier J.N.Cheney, OBE. (C.C.East Riding)                            G.E.Scott, Esq. OBE. MC.(CPT Rep) (C.C.Sheffield)
R.H.Fooks, Esq. MA. (C.C.Lincs)                                            Capt. G. E. Banwell, OBE. MC (CPT Rep) (C.C.Cheshire)
Col.T.E.St. Johnston, OBE. (C.C.Co Durham)                            Sir Archibald Hordern, CBE. AFC. (CPT Rep) (C.C.Lancs)
Capt. H. Studdy, CBE. (C.C.West Riding)      

House Committee:   
Chairman: Major Le G.G.W.Horton-Fawkes, OBE 
Sir Geoffrey Burton. KCSI. KCIE. (Hon Treasurer)                      H. S. Price, Esq  OBE (C.C. Bradford)   
Lt,Col. Sir William H. Ingilby, Bt, JP.                                        W.E. Schofield, Esq. OBE (C.C.Oldham)
Lt.Col. J. C. Chaytor, DSO. MC.(C.C.North Riding)                     Supt. H. Ambler (Bradford)
Col.T.E.St. Johnston, OBE. (C.C.Co Durham)                            Supt. J.L.Dunn (West Riding)
Capt. H. Studdy, CBE. (C.C.West Riding)                                 Insp J. Ellis (CPT Representative) (Lancs)
R. Hall, Esq. (C.C. Rotherham)                                               Sergt. J. Richardson (Sunderland)
PC. C. Eccleshall (CPT Representative Salford)                         Mrs H.A.Ryott
W.Yeoman, Esq. MD.

Chairman of Committees: Major Le G.G.W.Horton-Fawkes, OBE 

Hon. Treasurer: Sir Geoffrey Burton. KCSI. KCIE.
                      Park View Road,Heaton, Bradford.

Lady Superintendent: Miss E. Duke-Turner

Hon. Medical Officer: W.Yeoman, Esq. MD.

Dentists: Messrs. R.E & C.D. Wood, LDS   
                         G. Rodney Winter, Esq. LDS. RCS

Hon. Surgeons: T. Vibert Pierce, Esq. MB. FRCS
                       T. Gowans, Esq. FRCS
                       A.B.Pavey Smith, Esq. MB. FRCS

Hon Solicitor: W.E.Woods, Esq. LLB
                    Messrs. Raworth, Lomas-Walker, Butterworth and Wilkinson.

Auditors: Messrs. Lowrey, Weston & Whalley.

Bankers: Barclay's Bank Ltd, James Street, Harrogate.

Telegrams: "St George's House, Harrogate, 4417"  

As can be seen reading the lists of Committee Members above, many were involved in the various committees that determined  St George's future and how it was to be operated. One of these was Lt. Col. Sir William Henry Ingilby, Bt, JP. (1874 - 1950).

 Sir William Henry Ingilby, Bt      Arms of Ingilby of Ripley           Ripley Castle, home of the Ingilby family for 700 years.

Sir William Ingilby served on at least three of the St George's committees, these were:
General & Finance Committee
Electoral Committee
House Committee

One of the 'Houses' of St George's was 'Ingilby' the other two being named 'Gurney' and 'Fawkes', after Catherine Gurney, our founder and Chairman of Committees, Major Le G. G. W. Horton-Fawkes, OBE

St.George's House was maintained by the voluntary subscriptions of the Northern Police Forces of England, Wales and Glasgow. The subscription amounted to twopence or threepence per officer per week and proved a successful method of assuring the regularity of income for the care of the children and maintenance of the House.

Subscriptions and Donations were regularly received from Police Forces, the general public and other organisations, for example in the year April 1, 1948 to 31 March, 1949 St George's was given grants from:

The County Constabularies of:   Cheshire
                                           Cumberland & Westmorland
                                           Durham County
                                           Yorkshire:  East Riding
                                                          North Riding
                                                          West Riding
                                           York City

Manchester & Salford Police & Fire Brigade Benevolent Fund
                                           Leeds City
                                           Members of the Forces at St Andrew's
                                           Air Ministry Football Club, Pately Bridge             
                                           Birkenhead Police Association for Clothing Destitute Children
                                           Hull Co-operative Society
                                           Manchester Country Club
                                           Northumberland County Council
                                           Turk's Head Leek Club, Willington Quay  




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