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Admission of Children

Following is a reproduction of the Application & Admission Form which the Parent or Guardian of the child had
to complete.  This particular form is that of Peter Grenville Taylor Child 560 (Sunderland). See also below for list of Rules.




                                                                                        Peter & Reginald Taylor


No 559                                                     Application for the Admission of a Child                                               Page 172
 Childs Name (in full)                                         Reginald James Taylor  FDAJ/276/6                                                        
 Date of Application                                          4th November 1943
 Name of Father                                                Ernest James Taylor
 His Rank,Force,No & Letter of last Division.       Police Constable No75, Sunderland
 If Father dead,blind,paralytic, or insane.             Dead
Date of Father's joining the Service.                   13th October 1919
 Date of Death &c                                             30th October 1942
 Cause of Death.                                              Perforated Gastric Ulcer
 Number of children now living.                          7   (4 step children)
 Number of children who have died and causes.   Nil
 Sexes and ages of those now living.                  M24; M20; M17; F14; M7; M6; F2;
 Names (if any) of those now in Orphanage.        Nil
 Is Mother living ?                                             Yes
 Address.                                                        88 Hurstwood Rd, Sunderland
 Her Occupation & average earnings weekly.      Housewife
 What rate of Pension is she receiving:
                         a) For herself                          30 Pounds p.a.
                         b) For child(ren)                      30 Pounds p.a.                             
 Childs Sex and age last birthday with date of birth. Male. 7 years. 2nd May 1936
 Is the child healthy and of good constitution (mentally & physically) ?  Yes
What Diseases has the child had ?                     Measles, Chicken Pox, Whooping Cough
 Has the Child been Vaccinated ?                       Yes, one month old
                               Immunised ?                      Yes, early 1942
 At what Church was the Child Baptised ?           St Nicholas. Sunderland
 What School did the child last attend ?              Barnes Elementary, Sunderland
 What Standard was he (she) in ?                      1st Juniors
 Signature and Address of person making this
 application on behalf of the Child                       Hilda May Taylor
                                                                       88 Hurstwood Road. Sunderland
 I Certify that the above particulars are correct, to the best of my knowledge.
                  (Signed)                                          G. H. Cook.   Chief Constable                       


Admitted.                                            by General & Finance Committee. 10th Nov.1943
Arrived.                                              1st Dec.1943


Admitted to Secondary School.

Medical Report.                                   
Pneumonia Dec 1943.  Tonsils removed by Mr Pavey Smith 1945
Seen by Dr Yeoman 3rd May 1947. Medical Certificate given.
Date of leaving School.                         
8th May 1947.

 Date of leaving Orphanage.                    Friday.9th May 1947- for New Zealand. Sailed under auspices
of the Government of New Zealand, c/o Cpl Kershaw on
RMS 'Rangitiki'.  Tax paid by the Govt of New Zealand
Seen off at Harrogate and taken to King's Cross by their uncle
                                                         PC Arthur Mundell - North Riding Constabulary.                     

Reg Taylor aged 10             RMS Rangitiki                        




 St George's House
 Otley Road, Harrogate.


The Forces to benefit from the organisation of St George's House are those contained in Schedule 2 of the Charity Commissioners' Scheme, sealed 11th December, 1931, and are as follows:-The counties of Chester, Cumberland, Derby, Durham, Lancaster, Lincoln, Northumberland, Nottingham, Salop, Stafford, Westmorland, York, Anglesy, Caernavon, Denbigh, Flint, Merioneth and Montgomery.

1. Any child whose father is dead, paralytic, crippled, totally blind, insane or otherwise incurably incapacitated from earning a livelihood, shall be regarded as an orphan and may be admitted without fee or donation of any kind, when vacancies permit.
It shall be open to the Committee to receive under exceptional circumstances , for a limited period, motherless children of Policemen upon payment, the amount to be agreed upon at the discretion of the Committee. A fatherless or orphan child of a deceased pensioner may be admitted, provided that the father retired upon pension or with a gratuity and that the child was born prior to the granting of such pension or gratuity or within nine months thereafter.

2. All applications shall be accompanied by a recommendation from the Chief Constable of the Force to which the father belongs or belonged and shall be sent to the Lady Superintendent. All such applications shall be subject to the discretion of the Committee.

3. The mother, father, or guardian of the child shall produce a certificate of marriage of the parents and the register of the child's birth.

4. Children of both sexes and of every religious persuasion shall be eligible for admission, but if admitted shall conform to the general regulations for instruction and schooling.

5. Boys shall be admitted between the ages of five and over, but under 10 years and girls between the ages of five and over but under 12 years, except in cases of special necessity when the discretion of the Committee may be used.

6. Each child shall have been vaccinated before admission and a medical certificate as approved by the House Medical Officer shall be filled in by a registered medical practicioner and sent to the Lady Superintendent with the Application Form. Each child shall be examined by the Medical Officer on admission.

7. An Agreement Form, embodying the conditions under which children are received, shall be signed by the mother, father or guardian before the child is admitted.

8. The Committee shall provide to the best of their ability, for the sound religious, educational and industrial training of each child while in residence at St George's House.

9. Girls and boys shall leave St George's House at school leaving age or at the end of the Summer term after they attain school leaving age, but they may be kept on for such longer period as the Committee in its discretion may determine.

10.The Committee shall have authority to expel any child for misconduct.

11.If after the admission of a child or children the circumstances of the parent should change, he or she may be called upon to contribute to the support of the child or children at St George's House, at the discretion of the Committee.

12.The Committee shall endeavour to place each child in a suitable occupation, with the help of the (late) father's Force and with the consent of the mother.

13.During the school period of summer holidays children may return to their homes at the discretion of the Committee and on and between dates decided by the Committee. Before returning to St George's each child shall be certified by his (her) home Medical Officer on a form approved by the Medical Officer of St George's, to be fit to mix with other children.

14.A House Committee, meeting monthly, shall be appointed by the General and Finance Committee, which shall deal with the admission of children and with the internal economy of the House. The proceedings of the House Committee shall be reported to each meeting of the Committee for confirmation.

15.The Chairman and Hon. Treasurer of St George's House shall be additional to the House Committee.

16.An Annual Report shall be published, to which shall be added a complete list of subscribers and benefactors and a statement of the general accounts duly audited.

All communications to be made to :- The Lady Superintendent.  End


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