St George's House,
Northern Police Orphanage. 1898-1956  Harrogate, Yorkshire, England.




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St George's House, Otley Road, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England.

In 1906 an extension was built containing a Gymnasium at the Northern end and a large hall, with raised platform to be used as a stage, constructed.
When Miss Knocker was appointed Lady Superintendent in 1926, she immediately commenced a renovation program. The Dining Room was enlarged, the   house interior painted throughout and brightly coloured linoleum laid in the children’s rooms. The Main Entrance, Foyer and Staircase were also refurbished.  In 1928 it was decided to build a new wing for the boys, with studies, bathrooms and a flat for the staff, all financed, as far as possible, from the War Memorial Fund.
Following are photographs of some of the facilities used by the children.

Dining Room, (1932) ready for use.                                        ..and being put to good use.

Woodwork Shop                                                                Boy's Common Room

Gymnasium 1933                                                                Girl's Playroom 1932

Boy's Study 1930                                                               Girls Dormitory


St George's House, Albany Lodge, 16 Hereford St, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England.

Due to the declining numbers of children the orphanage was relocated in 1955 to Albany Lodge. The Lady Superintendent at that time was Miss Elisabeth Pearl Duke Turner, who served in that capacity from 1949 - 1956, at which time the orphanage was finally closed.

                     Albany Lodge                                                   The Senior Girls' Bedroom

The Kitchen - Dining Room                                                   The Study

The Playroom                                                                    The Boot - Room


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