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Boys & Girls

The number of children cared for at St George's at any one time varied from year to year. The typical list below shows the
origin and number of children resident in the 1948-49 year.

Place of Origin Number Place of Origin Number

  Stockport            1 Tynemouth    2
Derby  2 Nottingham 1
Durham County    3 Shropshire 1
Gateshead  4 Staffordshire  1
Lancashire 1 Stoke on Trent 2
Barrow in Furness  1 Walsall 1
Bolton 2 York 6
Manchester           2 Yorkshire, West Riding 6
Salford   2 Huddersfield     2
Oldham 2 Leeds      5
Lincolnshire  1 Sheffield     5
Northumberland 4 Metropolitan 3
Newcastle on Tyne 3

The children were all provided with uniforms based on red (for St George), blue (for the Police) and grey. They were very smart and well turned out, so much so that when one lady in the congregation of a church saw the children, she wanted to know the name of the college in order that she might arrange for her own offspring to go there !  Miss Knocker wasn't averse to using the best tailors in Leeds (perhaps Prices Tailors or Burtons) for the making of navy blue blazers, winter overcoats etc.  Following is a selection of some general photographs of the children. 


Rodney Parker Child 618, entered St George's House         Photo undated
           in 1948. Photo dated 1949   

          Barbara & Frank Fawcett                   Olga Hewitson & friend         Barbara Fawcett with Bob Park  Olga Hewitson

                        Elsie Harland and William Breeze                                   Colin Parker (seated) with his brother
                   Arthur Haygarth with June Barrington                            Rodney Parker (girls unidentified)


The girls & boys, in their uniforms                                                        Peter & Reg Taylor in St George's blazers


     Three rare photographs taken in the early 1900's
     showing the St George's boys and girls in their Sunday  
     best Sailors uniforms.
     Photo shown on left:
     The boy located second from the left is
     George Squires (Child 210) who came
     from Leeds and entered St George's in 1914, along
     with his sister Ada Squires. The boy on the far right
     is Ernest Bracken (Child 150) who entered St George's in 1909.




he girl located under 'A' is Hannah Bracken known as Dot
                                                                                the girl located above 'B' is her sister Margaret Bracken also

known as Maggie or Peggie.

If anyone can provide further information about these photographs please let us know, refer Contact/
Links page for details.

     Lawrence (382) & Cyril (383) Madew        Cyril & Lawrence Madew                             Harold Jones (Child 325)

      Photograph showing that the children originated from
     many towns and cities in the North East and
     elsewhere. In this instance from:
      West Riding

                                                                                                         St George's House logo

          Five St George's boys                                                                  Dennis (363) & Jack (368) Grist


                     Group photos
St George's boys & girls, circa early 1900's.
             This is thought to be one of the first group photographs taken of the children.


                 Northern Police Orphanage Girls, c1908
              Evelyn May Parkes is standing front right, second girl in.

             Northern Police Orphanage. Girls Playroom c1910

             Northern Police Orphanage girls c1912 - the McLaren sisters would probably have been in this photograph

             Northern Police Orphanage girls c1913- the McLaren sisters would probably have been in this photograph

                 The Northern Police Orphanage children c1915

The Northern Police Orphanage children  c1925     

The Northern Police Orphanage children  c1928

The Northern Police Orphanage children  c1930
                 The Northern Police Orphanage children  c1934

                 The Northern Police Orphanage children  1935

              The Northern Police Orphanage children  1936

              The Northern Police Orphanage children  1937

             The Northern Police Orphanage children  1938

             The Northern Police Orphanage children  1939

            The Northern Police Orphanage children  1940

             The Northern Police Orphanage children  1941

             St George's House children 1942 (after the name changed from Northern Police Orphanage)

             St George's House children 1943

             St George's House children 1944

St George's House children 1945

                St George's House children 1946

                St George's House children 1947

St George's House children 1948 

St George's House children 1949

             St George's House children 1950

             St George's House children 1951

                St George's House children 1952

             St George's House children 1953

             St George's House children 1954

             St George's House children and Staff 1955


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