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Scouts, Guides, Cubs & Brownies

In the mid 1920's the children requested the formation and organisation of a company of Girl Guides and Boy Scouts. This came into being in 1926, being officially registered as the 6th Harrogate (St George's) Girl Guides and the 6th Harrogate (St George's) Scout Troop.

Presentation of King's Colours to Scouts 1927                             ..and a similar presentation to the Girl Guides, also 1927.

St George's Girl Guides, circa 1930                                     St George's Boy Scouts, circa 1930

On the 22nd January, 1927, the King's Colours and the Troop Colours were presented by Sir William Ingilby and Miss Hopkinson of
Manchester.  The Troop Colours were donated by the Harrogate Division of the West Riding Constabulary.

St George's Cubs 1927                                                             St George's Brownies 1927

                                                          The Northern Police Orphanage
                                               6th Harrogate (St George's) Boy Scout Troop
                                                                            Patrol Cup

Presented by Miss E. M. Knocker

                            Miss E. M. Knocker             The Scout Cup                                  Trophy, held by Arthur Boschi


                                                                       List of Cup Winners





1927 Fox Patrol Patrol Leader T. Johnson
1928 Lion Patrol Patrol Leader J. Ainley
1929 Lion Patrol Patrol Leader J. Ainley
1930 Hound Patrol Patrol Leader P. Holland
1931 Fox Patrol Patrol Leader R. Berry
1932 Hound Patrol Patrol Leader F. Berry
1933 Hound Patrol Patrol Leader R. Bridge
1934 Hound Patrol Patrol Leader J. Braithwaite
1935 Fox Patrol Patrol Leader T. Berry
1936 Bulldog Patrol Patrol Leader A. Haygarth
1937 Lion Patrol Patrol Leader S. Bird
1938 Bulldog Patrol Patrol Leader R Haygarth
1939 Not Awarded    
1940 Bulldog Patrol Patrol Leader H. Gomersall
1941 E. Flight Patrol Patrol Leader T. Williams
1942 Wolf Patrol Patrol Leader G. Whitaker
1943 Bulldog Patrol Patrol Leader F. Gilbert
1944 Tiger Patrol Patrol Leader R. Ruddick
1945 Tiger Patrol Patrol Leader R. Ruddick
1946 Tiger Patrol Patrol Leader A. Boschi
1947 Wolf Patrol Patrol Leader B. Gregson
1948 Wolf Patrol Patrol Leader L. Hutchinson
1949 Bulldog Patrol Patrol Leader J. Newton
1950 Bulldog Patrol Patrol Leader M. Park
1951 Wolf Patrol Patrol Leader R. Jones
1952 Bulldog Patrol Patrol Leader J.B. Midgley
1953 Bulldog Patrol Patrol Leader J.B. Midgley


St George's Girl Guides and St George's Boy Scouts marching past the Municipal Offices in Low Harrogate. The salute was taken by
the Mayor of Harrogate accompanied by other officials.

The Guides tended to be more restricted with regard to camping trips than were the Scouts and during the period 1942-1948 were only   permitted one day out during Summer and then to somewhere close by. There the girls cooked meals in billy cans,washed the cans out in a nearby river, learned how to start a fire ( to cook on !) without the aid of matches, studied and learned about different trees, bushes and wild flowers, berries, fruit etc. They also practised Morse signals, knot making and so on. Everything a Guide needed to know !
By contrast the Boy Scouts would camp in various areas around Harrogate where they may stay for a week under canvas. One King Scout, A. Boschi, recalls travelling with T. Maddocks (another King Scout from St George's) to Scotland for a hiking trip,
all under the watchful eye of their Housemaster, Mr Benton.

Getting ready for the adventure.                                            Setting up camp.


 The Kings Colours              Kings Scouts Group 1946                                                   Arriving at camp. 1947-48


                                                 Back: P.Turner,A.Boschi,T.Maddocks,F.Carter,S.Wells,P.Park    Tom Redpath, left of Scoutmaster
Front: P.Shepherd,Mr Moffatt,Mr Benton,J.Hopkinson,             Greg McTavish, Mike Park on right,  
Bryan Smith kneeling at front
                                                                                                                           with  Ron Jones next to him.
                                                                                                                           John Bly is towards the rear with his
                                                                                                                           hat pushed back.

St George's 6th Harrogate Scout Troop, circa 1946                     St George's 6th Harrogate Scout Troop (mid centre of parade)
                                                                                         in front of Municipal Offices, Harrogate, circa 1946

                                                                                St George's Scout Troop 1943

                                        1                     2                       3                     4                    5                    6                7 
                           8                        9                    10                     11                 12                 13                  14               15 
                  16                 17                   18                  19                     20                    21                  22              23            24
                                   25                   26                  27                     28                      29                     30                         31

1 Barrie Gregson 9 Tom Milburn 17 Jim Shepherd 25 Raymond Smart
2 Kenneth Brown 10 Stanley Lewis 18 Peter Gilbert 26 Geoffrey Dimmocks
3 Arthur Boschi 11 Malcolm Tait 19 Mr Benton 27 Donald Scrivener
4 Tom Maddocks 12 Stanley Carter 20 Mr Moffat 28 Denis Gilbert
5 Bernard Harland 13 Peter Waddington 21 Mr De-la-Mare 29 Frank Carter
6 Peter Turner  14 Peter Shepherd 22 Alfred Lewis 30 Godfrey Harland
7 Ramon Armstrong      15 Jack Hopkinson 23 John Williams 31 Sidney Guiver
8 Tom Williams 16 Richard Ruddick 24 Peter Gilbert    


A very rare photograph of St George's Air Cadets 1941                                               Enjoying a spell of camping.
For a brief time the Scouts became Air Scouts and on one march through the town
the Scoutmaster, a Mr Clark, announced the Troop as the first Air Scouts in Harrogate,
Yorkshire. It did not last long before it was disbanded and the Troop became "normal"
scouts again.


The Jones children from left to right.
                                                             Dorothy Mary Jones 286, wearing her
                                                             Girl Guides uniform, entered St George's in 1919.
                                                             Harold Jones 325, wearing his Boys Brigade
                                                             uniform, entered St George's in 1924.
                                                             Edith Jones 299, also wearing a Girl Guides
                                                             uniform, entered St George's in 1920.


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