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'News and Events' page for information about the next Reunion.

How the Reunions began..
Miss Knocker started the original reunions in the 1930's, later, during the Second World War, old boys on leave or on embarkation leave would visit St George's to say goodbye and to visit their childhood home before going overseas. After the war it was possible to formalise and arrange a regular reunion of old boys and girls and this was done at Easter. Every girl and boy leaving St George's automatically became an old girl or boy and received a Christmas card and a letter with news of the recent happenings at St George's. The reunion of 1946 was the first time after the war that an organised reunion function took place. The choice of Easter time to hold the get-together meant that the older children were away on holiday, thus freeing the dormitories for use by any old boys and girls requiring accommodation. The main thrust of Miss Knocker's reunions revolved around a Thanksgiving Day ceremony held always on Easter Monday, these functions continued until her retirement in 1949.
Following Miss Knockers retirement the reunions went into limbo and it wasn't until 1964 when Elsie Pickering, nee Bradley (now Elsie Gale), took on the challenge to co-ordinate the old boys and girls and organise the reunions, that they became re-established.  Elsie continued in her role as organiser of reunions for a period of nearly 20 years, at which time she handed over the 'baton' to Sheila Stephenson, nee Potts and Tom Milburn to continue her work. After a while Sheila became the main organiser and
carried on the tradition admirably ever since.

                                                                      Sheila Stephenson and Elsie Gale

Main Reunion held Annually.
The current format for the main reunion is that old boys and girls, with their respective spouses or partners (usually around 50-70 people), meet once a year at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate, usually around April  (as close to St George's Day 23rd April as possible), everyone gathers on the Friday for drinks and an informal chat to catch up on news. Groups usually form and have dinner together at the hotel, along with a few more convivial drinks.

Saturday lunch is usually enjoyed at one of the local hostelrys accompanied by a pint or two, this, with the pleasant company of old (and new) friends, makes for a memorable occasion.         Saturday afternoon a meeting is held at the hotel where the formal side of business is conducted and a range of topics discussed.
That evening, everyone meets in a small private  Banqueting Suite where, after dinner, those that have the ability and the energy, can dance the night away to the music, kindly provided by St George's long standing friends from the Bradford City Police Dance Band.
Some in attendance dress formally, some don't, either way it doesn't matter, for everyone connected with St George's is welcome and made to feel part of the group. The most important thing is that we enjoy one anothers company while we can and not stand on ceremony.

Sunday, after breakfast, some of the old boys and girls go to the local church service, after which, everyone meets for coffee at St Andrew's, Harlow Moor Road and a last chat, then it is a time for packing bags and saying goodbyes, until the next time.

Majestic Hotel, Harrogate 

                                                                    Mini Reunions. The first mini reunions outside Harrogate were held in Matlock at various venues including The Duke William pub, The Greyhound, Ye Olde Englishe and Gullivers World. Other mini reunions were held at the Parkwater at Lytham St Annes, the Lord Hill at Shrewsbury, pubs in Buxton, Bradford, Llandudno and in 2005 The Rendezvous in Skipton where about 17 people attended. These mini reunions are a much more casual affair and involves choosing a Pub suitably located for the convenience of all attending (usually around 10-20 people) and simply having a relaxed time in the company of old friends. What could be better.

The 2017 Harrogate Reunion. 20- 23 April.
Twenty three people attended the most recent reunion held once again in Harrogate at the Majestic Hotel. It was decided during the annual meeting that due to declining numbers, next year will be the final reunion.
Sadly this is inevitable - we are all now getting older and, with the accompanying aches and pains, it is no longer easy for people to attend.
It would be good to get a large number to the last 'hurrah' so you may like to take the opportunity to put your name down and come along. It will be the last opportunity to do so.

Shown below are some of the photos taken at the 2017 reunion:

2017 April Reunion Group
Arthur Boschi, Chris Ryder, Vee Robinson, Peter Moore, Sarah Drummond,  Mike Parr, Pat Holdsworth, Jean Moulding, Arthur Roberts, Margaret Roberts, Eddie Drummond, Josie Drummond, Des Drummond, Frank Fawcett, David Holdsworth, Sheila Franks, Nicola Ridgway, Barbara Roberts, Alf Roberts, Renee Boschi.

Front row: Eileen Drummond, Deputy Mayor Christine Ryder, Pam Fawcett.


              The time tunnel display on the left is located      Harrogate Deputy Mayor Christine Ryder
              in St.Andrews,  along one of the corridors          with our Secretary Vee Robinson
              leading to the St. George's display.

The 2016 Harrogate Reunion. 21- 24 April.

The Harrogate reunion went very well and everyone enjoyed themselves with twenty nine people attending the Saturday reunion dinner – as various people have said to me, Patrick Cairns and his PTC staff (not forgetting the St George’s Police Children Trust) need to be congratulated and thanked for their continued support of the St George’s old boys and girls they have done this for many years and we do appreciate it.
With our ever declining numbers, it is becoming evident that planning for a reunion 'end game' should be considered. It has been suggested that our final reunion should take place in the near future and this is being discussed as a likely grand finale. More informal, self funded mini reunions can continue on a personal level and if these are held in the Harrogate area the OB & G's will be welcome to visit the Police Treatment Centre (St Andrew's).

                              Some of the old boys and girls with spouses, partners and supporters who attended the reunion.


The 2015 Harrogate Reunion. 10- 12 April.

In spite of a reduced number of participants this year, it can safely be said the Reunion, with twenty six people attending and held once again at the Majestic Hotel, Harrogate went well.
Following are some of the photographs taken at the event.

Our thanks once again go to those involved in organising the event - Frank Fawcett, Vee Robinson, Peter Waddington and of course the St George's Police Trust and the Police Treatment Centre, for their support.

                                The group photograph of reunion attendees - Patrick Cairns, CEO of the Police Treatment Centre is
                          located in the centre with his wife Carol.

                                A good looking bunch of old boys and girls enjoying morning coffee at the Police Treatment Centre.

                         A great picture of a very relaxed Alf Roberts with one of the beautiful stained glass windows in the background.



The 2014 Harrogate Reunion. 25 - 27 April.
The 2014 reunion celebrating 50 years of the 'modern' reunions was held at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate and a total of 31 people attended/visited the event - a good time was had by all.

                          Everyone attending signed the dinner menu.

  Des Drummond, Eileen Drummond, June Kendall, Penny Conrad.          Harry & his sister Jean Moulding, Dorothy Harland, Alf & Barbara Roberts     
  Front: Sarah Drummond, daughter of Des & Eileen.

   Eddie & Josie Drummond        Valerie Partridge      Sheila Franks         Frank & Pam Fawcett, Renee & Arthur Boschi,  Pat Wadsworth

   Peter & Mary Waddington                 David & Pat Holdsworth            A group of the old boys/girls attending the reunion.

The 2013 Harrogate Reunion. 19 - 21 April.
The St George's reunion was once again held at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate this year. Twenty two of our group were able to attend and all enjoyed there time together.


The 2012 Harrogate Reunion. 20 - 22 April.

In all, just over thirty of our group attended the Majestic Hotel reunion and enjoyed meeting one another again. As is the case every year the function is always held as close to St George's Day as possible.

The Reading Room Meeting, which included a selection of memorabilia that some of the old boys and girls had brought along,  was well organized and David Uffindell presented his summary of the year followed by reports from Treasurer, Peter Waddington and Secretary/Administrator, Vera Robinson.


At the evening dinner, St Andrew’s was represented by two members of the Police Treatment Staff ( Michael and Liz Baxter being in London overnight, were unable to attend the evening function).

The 2011 Harrogate Reunion. 15 - 17 April.

A total of 33 people attended the Dinner/dance function on Saturday night and everyone enjoyed themselves. A few photos taken during the weekend are reproduced below.

   Josie Drummond and Eileen Drummond       Arthur Boschi                                        Barbara & Alf Roberts

    Vera Robinson chatting with Dorothy Thrush                   David & Pat Holdsworth

   Eileen & Des Drummond                                                                     Dorothy Harland and Renee Boschi at St Andrew's

    Sheila Stephenson, our retiring Organiser, talking to Peter        Pamela Holmes with her father Harold Jones.
   Shepherd of Police Treatment Centre.

    Joan & Wilf McDonald                                               The Band. Stuart Garden - Keyboard, Wilf McDonald - Trumpet,
                                                                               David Holdsworth - Drums.

The 2010 Harrogate Reunion. 15 - 18 April.

The recent reunion held in the Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, attracted 27 old boys/girls and partners.A further 8, including the band joined the group on Saturday evening. A good time was enjoyed by all. It was particularly good to see June McManus (522) nee Elliott and daughters Nicky Goodman and Penny Cochran along with Harold Jones (325), who attended with his daughter Pamela Holmes. Once again St Andrew's hosted a coffee morning on the Sunday for the St George's group.

  Michael Baxter and Harold Jones            Peter & Aileen Geraghty                            Rev David Uffindell and Mary Spence

Mary & Peter Waddington & Pat Holdsworth   View of St Andrew's garden                          Frank & Pamela Fawcett    

Old boys and girls enjoying time with friends.                Harold Jones, our oldest old boy.        Aileen Geraghty and Mary Spence

2009 Mini reunion:  16 & 17 October.

                           Venue: The Park Royal Hotel, Stretton Rd, Stretton, Warrington, WA4 4NS. Cheshire.
                                               Tel: 01925 730 706     Fax: 01925 730 740


A group of nine old boys/girls and their spouses attended the Mini reunion held at Warrington. They all enjoyed the fine weather and good accommodation in the four- star hotel, The Park Royal at Stretton. Lunch times were spent at the Stretton Fox Hotel, after visits to various parts of the local Cheshire area. Everyone had a wonderful time and got on splendidly making the most of the weekend they spent together.

                                 Pictured from left to right: Eddie Drummond, Vera Robinson, Renee Boschi, Josie Drummond
                           Alf Roberts, Eileen Drummond, Des Drummond, Barbara Roberts and Arthur Boschi.

The 2009 Harrogate Reunion.

The St George's reunion, held at the Majestic Hotel, Harrogate on 24 April - 26 April was attended by approximately 32 old boys/girls, partners and friends.

Amongst those present was old boy Harold Jones, accompanied by his two daughters, Gail & Pamela. Harold entered St George's in 1924 and was given the admission number of 325, it is the first time that he has been able to make contact with other old boys/ girls and attend a reunion.
It was also good for the St George's group to meet up with Barbara Fletcher.  Barbara is the daughter of old girl Amy Cantwell nee Bridge (now deceased), whose admission number was 338. Thanks Harold & Barbara for taking the time to make yourselves known to us and for attending the reunion.
The Sunday visit to St Andrew's was attended by 15 of the reunion group and again all were treated like honoured guests being given a tour of the premises to see the extensive renovations that were in hand.
Following are a few photos taken over the reunion weekend:

The Majestic Hotel                                                                          Harold Jones 325

Barbara Fletcher                                          Harrogate in Spring

Arthur & Renee Boschi with Alf & Barbara Roberts        Eddie & Josie Drummond with Sheila Franks

Harrogate in Spring

               Alf Roberts, Eileen & Des Drummond                           Standing: Michael Baxter QPM, Sheila Franks
               with Frank Fawcett.                                               Sitting:   Liz Baxter and Elsie Gale 

The 2008 Reunion.
The 2008 reunion, organised by Sheila Stephenson, held on 18th & 19th April at the Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, was well attended, attracting 53 old boys & girls, spouses and friends of St George's.

                      An impromptu pre function get together was             The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, where the
                 held at the
Black Swan, Burn Bridge, Harrogate.         reunions are held annually.

Included amongst those present were: Michael & Liz Baxter.  Vera Robinson, a recently located old girl who travelled from Scotland to participate in the occasion. Des & Eileen Drummond, Eddy & Josie Drummond, accompanied by members of their extended families, see photo below.

                       The Drummond family group                                  The band: David Holdsworth-Drums
                                                                                                        Wilf Mcdonald-Trumpet
                                                                                                        Stuart Garden-Keyboard

The weekend was enjoyed by all that attended and it was great to see the younger generations of the Drummond family having a good time together.

                               Eileen Drummond and Amy          Sunday 20th April saw a large number of the St George's group
                         one of her grandaughters           visit St Andrews, Northern Police Convalescent and Treatment
                         dancing the night away.            Centre, Harrogate, for morning coffee and a tour of the premises.
                                                                     Pictured are our hosts:
                                                                     Gemma Pettman:St Andrews Publicity & Fundraising Officer.
                                                                     Michael Baxter QPM: St Andrews Chief Executive.
                                                                     Sheila Kellett: St George's Police Trust Administrator.

                                                                                      St Andrew's, Northern Police Convalescent & Treatment Centre
                                                                     Harlow Moor Road,
                                                                     Harrogate. HG2 0AD
                                                                     Yorkshire, England.

2008  St George's Mini Reunion, held Friday 17th & Saturday 18th October.
The Mini Reunion, held at Bowness on Windermere, was attended by a group of 12, including St George's old boys and girls, spouses and friends. They met for a pub lunch at the Brown Horse Hotel in Winster where all enjoyed good food and a convivial drink. Whilst the weather tended to be damp, which can be typical for the Lake District, everyone nevertheless had a good time over the weekend.
Fayrer Garden House Hotel, Lyth Valley Road, Bowness on Windermere          

The Hotel gardens.
                                                     2008 Mini reunion         Standing:Bob,Arthur,Eddy,Eileen,Hazel,Vera,Alf & Des
                                                 Seated:Janis,Josie,Barbara & Renee


2006  St George's Mini Reunion - Stockport


2005  St George's Mini Reunion - Skipton



2004 St George's Reunion, Harrogate  

                        2004 Reunion group outside St Andrew's                 Bob & Janis Park with Barbara Roberts 2004 

                        Vera & 'old boy' Peter Taylor, from New Zealand      Pub time during the Harrogate 2004 reunion                           

                          2004 Reunion         
  Standing: Mary Spence, Elsie Gale                                      
                        Seated: Sheila Franks, Aileen Geraghty, Arthur Boschi

 Peter Geraghty and Jean Moulding. 

2003 St George's Reunion, St Anne's
Tasting the local brew. St George's reunion, St Anne's, 2003

1998 St George's Reunion, Harrogate


1988 St George's Reunion, Harrogate

                Dorothy Harland, Lawrence Madew (382), Joyce King (352)        Cyril Madew (383) Sheila Stephenson (554)

1985 St George's Reunion, Harrogate.  



1984 St George's Reunion, Harrogate.                                                             

                             Photo taken at St Andrew's after the reunion c 1984.
                             Ethel Orrell (359), Cyril Madew (383), Lawrence Madew (382), Tom Berry (341)
                             Richard Peacock (402), Marjorie Orrell (358), with their backs to the camera.

                             Marjorie Snow nee Orrell (358), Lawrence Madew (382), Sylvia Gardiner nee Smedley (395),
                             Unknown, Cyril Madew (383), Ethel Brown nee Orrell (359)

1982 St George's Reunion, Harrogate

 Elsie Gale officiating at the 1982 St George's Reunion

                              Reunion held in St George's Hotel, Harrogate

1981 St George's Reunion, Matlock

                                                         Barbara Boschi, Elsie Gale & Sheila Franks
                                                    Photo taken: 2/5/1981 at the reunion in Matlock


1980 St George's Reunion, Harrogate

Reunion held in St George's Hotel, Harrogate

1976 St George's Reunion, Harrogate

Elsie Gale receiving her silver plate, given in recognition for her work in organising the St George's reunions.

                              Reunion held at St George's Hotel, Ripon Road, Harrogate.1976


1972 St George's Reunion, Harrogate

Thank you card given to Elsie Gale, signed by many of the attendees of the 1972 reunion 

1964 St George's Reunion, Harrogate                             

 Reunion held in 1964 in the Lounge Hall, Harrogate. The three Owen sisters, Edith,
                               Irene and Bertha can be seen in the centre foreground. Directly opposite the Owens
                               from the right are Harry Brocklehurst (married Dorothy Jones 286), Edith Jones 299
                               (married Emlyn Edwards), Emlyn Edwards, unknown, Dorothy Jones 286 (married Harry

                                      Reproduced from an article published in Harrogate Herald, 13 May, 1964

1954 St George's Reunion, Harrogate




1951 St George's Reunion, Harrogate                                                 

 Reunion 1951
                               A: Miss E. Duke Turner  B: Norma Green nee Bradley  C: John Newton  D: Sister Batty 
                               E: Billie Potts  F: Sheila Stephenson nee Potts  G: Peter Shepherd  H: Frank Fawcett
                               I: Tom Milburn J: John Milburn  K: Billie Newton  L: Edith Jones


1946 St George's Reunion, Harrogate

                                      Reunion at St George's 1946, arranged by Miss E. Knocker.

1934 St George's Reunion, Harrogate            

       Reunion held at St George's 1934 






                       For information regarding future reunions see News & Events page.

Request to website visitors:  if you know anyone that went to or was associated with St George's House please get in touch via Contact- Links page.    Thank you.




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