St George's House,
Northern Police Orphanage. 1898-1956  Harrogate, Yorkshire, England.



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 For general information about St George's House and/or the St George's House website, contact: 

                                                               Peter G. Taylor
                                                               Post:   PO Box 361
                                                            Wellington 5254
                                                            New Zealand 
                                                  Tel:      0064.4.2981138


Useful Links                                                                                                                    

Following are address details of various web sites which may be useful to St George's web site visitors.

Police Organisations & Associations
                                  The National Association of Retired Police Officers *
                                 The Police Federation of England and Wales *
            Representing retired Police Officers in West Yorkshire. *
                           Information about the Hertfordshire Constabulary
               National Association of Retired Police Officers, Manchester *
                           Association of Chief Police Officers *                                Providing assistance to Police Officers and their families                                   British Association for Women in Policing *
                         North Yorkshire Police Federation
                                Christian Police Association, UK. *
                                 National Disabled Police Association
                                Care of Police Survivors (COPS) *
                       The Superintendents' Association of England & Wales *
           Police related Historical Society *                    Historical information about Gateshead Borough Police Force *
                        Police Memorabilia Club *
                        Humberside Police Federation *
             National Association of Retired Police Officers, Merseyside *                  
The Police Roll of Honour Trust*       

Police Charitable Trusts
   The Police Treatment Centres. *              The St George's Police Trust Charity *                         Police Rehabilitation Centre
                          The Gurney Fund for Police Orphans
                  The Police Roll of Honour Trust*   Supporting police officer's children and young people.*

Museums                    Ripon Law & Order Museums. Cheshire Police Museum
                  The Glasgow Police Heritage Society
                     A group of twelve museums located in the Tyne & Wear areas.

General                        Information about the Harrogate Borough *                      Useful links to Harrogate and other Yorkshire sites. *                         
The popular Yorkshire magazine, published monthly *                          
 Listing orphanages around the world. * 
Childrens institutions in Britain
. *

Genealogy & History         Archives service, based in Newcastle.   Northumberland Genealogy * Yorkshire Genealogy *  Genealogy Durham *   Liverpool & SW Lancs Family History Society *                      General history site Cleveland & Teesside *                       The Federation of Family History Societies *
                  Lists links to Geneaological sites around the world *                      
Cambridgeshire Family History Society *                 
Genealogy, UK & Ireland *         
Yorkshire Archaeological Society. Preserving the history of Yorkshire *  Episodes from the Gurney, Salter family archives, written by Colin Salter *   



   * Indicates those sites that have reciprocated by linking to St George's web site
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