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News and Events

News items:

Diana Lomas (593) report provided by Hedley Lomas

Sad news I am afraid. 
My sister, Diana Lomas (593,) passed away in Yeovil Hospital, Somerset last Friday 24 November.
She very much retained her Christian faith and her funeral will be in Shepton Mallet, Somerset Parish Church
on Wednesday 13 December at 11.00am.

 I have kept in touch with St George`s on her behalf. She had some years of ill health problems and said that she would have loved to have attended a reunion but never felt able to attend on her own.
Diana was very happy at St George`s. She went to Harrogate Grammar School which she loved.
Friends she particularly mentioned were Margaret Deakin, Millicent Bentley as well a Elsie & Norma Bradley. She is on several photographs in the archive collection.

Her father, Norman Lomas, had been in Sheffield Police but volunteered for the RAF in World War 2 and became a navigator in Transport Command.  He was killed in action in Normandy in August 1944. She was very fond of him and it must have been a terrible blow for her although only seven years old at the time. 

My mother moved the family to Somerset (with Diana, sister Rosemary & me a year old) where we had relatives, in late 1944. Diana`s life had been in the West Country ever since.

She went to Bishops Fox`s Grammar School in Taunton and did very well there. 

She was a great musician - playing the piano/organ until recently for local churches. 

We will miss her. 
Inserted 29/11/2017

Over 200,000 visitors to our website.
Our visitor number to our website has now broken through the 200,000 level having now reached 209,283.
Inserted 31/10/2017

Over 180,000 visitors to our website.
The number of visitors to our website has on the 30 April, 2017 just reached 188830. It is good to see that people are still enjoying visiting the website.
Inserted 05/05/2017

More Sad News:

Sheila Stephenson nee Potts (554)

Sorry to be the bearer of sad news but we wanted to say that we have just received word that Sheila passed away on the 14th December.

Members of her family were with Sheila when she passed peacefully. Sheila had been unwell for some weeks and declined quickly. Sheila kept her sense of humour and enjoyment of simple pleasures to the end. She always read the St George’s newsletters with interest and was pleased to get Christmas cards from old boys and girls this year. St Georges played a very important part in Sheila's life in many ways - both when she was there as a pupil and in later years at the reunions. It was a great sadness to her that latterly she had not been able to attend due to her infirmity but she still enjoyed looking at the photographs of the get togethers”. 

Most of you will remember Sheila from the days when she used to organise our reunions – which she did with enthusiasm for many years.

Sheila Stephenson nee Potts (child number 554) was admitted to St George’s in 1943 and originally came from Tynemouth.
Inserted 16/12/2016

Sad News:



Gwen George nee Mitchell (394)

We have today been informed that Gwen George has passed away peacefully on 16th November with her family around her.
She was 93 years old and had attended many reunions in Harrogate, though not in the last few years.It was at these reunions that many of us, both old boys and girls, met her. What a lovely lady she was, bright and cheerful and always with the energy of someone half her age. She will be sadly missed.Gwen G. Mitchell (no 394) entered St. Georges in September 1929 from Sunderland where her father was a police officer.Gwen George (nee Mitchell) 09-07-1923 to 16-11-2016
Inserted 4/12/2016

Jumping for Fun(ds)
This August, Fran Greenwood & Mark Oxley of the Police Treatment Centres will be jumping out of a perfectly good plane at 13,000 ft.They will be doing this alongside members of the highly skilled Red Devils Sky Diving Team, England Police Rugby Union, police officers and two Chief Constables in order for to raise funds for the Police Treatment Centres.


Please consider making a donation to support the charity and the work we do to get police officers back on the beat! We are fundraising online at - please help us reach our target!

For more information contact:
The Police Treatment Centres

Inserted 5/7/2016

St George's House reunion April 2016.
The venue will once again be our favourite hotel in Harrogate, The Majestic.
The dates of the reunion are 21 April to 24 April, 2016.
For further details email enquiries to

Inserted 7/1/2016

Visitors to our site:
The number of people visiting our St George's website has now climbed to reach 153524 as 31 December 2015.
Inserted 7/1/2016

Some Sad News.

         Reginald Bassett 602
Old Boy Reginald Bassett passed away on Tuesday 18th August. Reg was born in Stockport and entered St George's House in   1947 - we pass our condolences on to his family.
Inserted 22/8/2015

        Tom Berry 341
We have just received word that one of our stalwarts old boy Tom Berry (341)  passed away on 19th November. Our Secretary has sent our belated condolences to the Berry family.

Tom, entered St George’s in 1925 from Middlesborough and joined the Territorial Army (Royal Signals) around 1938. Later he held the rank of Sergeant and was posted to the 79th Armoured Division Signals. See the story written by Tom Berry about his war experiences, by clicking on:
Inserted 31/12/2014

St George's Police Children Trust
The St George's Police Children Trust Charity has recently launched a new website which describes the range of support available to children & young people whose police officer parent has either lost their life or had an injury/illness, preventing them from being able to work.
To see this new site visit:

St George's House reunion April 2015
The dates have been finalised for next years reunion being held at the Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, they are:
Friday 10 April to Sunday 12 April, 2015.

Over 100,000 visitors to our website.
The number of visitors to our website has just reached 100210. The month of May 2014 saw a record (for us) 2264 people reading about St George's House.

The Police Treatment Centres (PTC) welcomes Mr Patrick Cairns as the newly appointed Chief Executive.


Following the retirement of Michael Baxter, earlier this year, Patrick joins the charity as the new CEO and takes up this role officially from 24 June.  

Patrick brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, serving with distinction in the Royal Military Police (RMP) throughout his career in the Army attaining the rank of COLONEL.  During his 28 year career he served on operations in Northern Ireland, the Former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan, and lived and worked in many other countries across the world including Germany, the USA and Belgium.  He has a BA in Economics, an MA in Defence Studies and is a fluent French speaker, and he is a Chartered Fellow of the CMI. His most recent and final appointment was the Deputy Chief Constable of the RMP.  

An experienced and well qualified police officer, Patrick has worked closely throughout his career with police officers both in the UK, and when they have also been deployed on missions overseas.   He has always had a high regard for the outstanding work that the police do in support of the public, often under challenging and very testing conditions.  He is also well placed to confirm the respect that the International Community have for the UK Police Service, having personally seen them at work around the world on many occasions in tense situations in support of the disadvantaged and those who need help and protection, always conducting themselves with huge professionalism, courage and fortitude, and of course with the sense of humour that so typifies the men and women of the great British Police Service. 

On being appointed Chief Executive of the PTC, Patrick commented; 

“I am delighted and privileged to be appointed as the Chief Executive of the PTC, and believe that the work that we do at the PTC for serving and retired officers is absolutely vital, and that there is a greater need than ever for support and services that we provide.  I shall look forward to working closely with the Trustees and the members of Staff at both Centres, in building on the excellent work already accomplished at the PTC, and taking it forward to the next level in confirming the reputation of the PTC as a centre of excellence in the treatment of injured police officers”
Inserted 29/4/2014


Joan McDonald.

Joan McDonald, wife of Wilf McDonald, has passed away suddenly but peacefully around 8pm last night.
As many of you who attended our reunions over the years will know, Wilf, as trumpet player, was one of the musicians who supported the reunions of our old boys/girls over many years. Joan was also very supportive and came to a lot of the get-togethers we all enjoyed. 

We are sorry to hear this news and send our condolences to Wilf and his family.
Inserted 8/3/2014

Marion Longley nee Bewick.

Marion Longley, child number 535, passed away peacefully in her sleep a few days ago. She originally came from Lancashire and entered St George's House in 1940. We send our condolences and thoughts to her family.

Inserted 28/2/2014

90,000 Visitors: We have had over 90,000 visitors to our site since we launched in 2007. Not a huge number when compared with some of the websites available throughout the world but still pretty good for a small organisation like ours.
inserted 2/3/2014

2014 Harrogate Reunion.
The dates for our next reunion of old boys and old girls have been finalised, they are Friday 25th April to Sunday 27th April, 2014, at the following venue.

The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate.
The Main Meeting will be on
Saturday, April 26th at 2.30 pm
in the

Reading Room.

The Reunion Dinner will be in the

Reading Room at 7.30 pm.


St George's Police Children Trust Newsletter.
To view the first newsletter produced by the St George's Police Children's click on the following link:

Support for the St George's Police Children Trust.

The St George’s Police Children Trust

A little history …
The St George's Police Children Trust was founded in 2006 following the merge of the St George's Fund and the Northern Police Orphans Trust. Both the Fund and Trust shared similar aims and objectives and so a merger enabled the beneficiary base to be widened and costs to be reduced.

The charity was set up when the proceeds from the sale of St George's House, the Northern Police Orphanage on Otley Road in Harrogate, were put into trust. The orphanage closed in the mid-1950's due to falling demand, possibly because of changes to the welfare state and an increase in adoption and fostering. 

Between 1898, when the house opened, through to 1954 more than 600 children spent all or part of their childhood at St George's House. Running costs were funded by many hundreds of serving police officers who made a weekly donation from their pay. Other gifts and donations were received from well-wishers across the north of England and further afield. 

St George's Police Children Trust continues to support the children of police officers who have died or who have been incapacitated from earning a living. The Trust also enjoys a friendship with many of the St George's House 'Old Boys and Girls' along with their relatives, friends and supporters, who visit Harrogate each year for a reunion. 

The Trust is funded today thanks to investment income from the sale of the old orphanage and house and to a large part still by serving police officers donating to the cause through their pay. However recent years have shown a gradual decline in the number of donations coming through the door and a noticeable drop in income has emerged in particular during the last year. With this in mind a PR and Fundraising programme is being launched to try and raise additional income and awareness to ensure the sustainability of the charity for many years to come.

How your support really does make a difference
No amount of money can replace a parent but comments received from children and their families who have benefited financially from the trust can hopefully give a bit of an insight to our donors and supporters of the peace of mind such financial assistance can bring to these families. 

“I am writing to express how grateful I am for the continued financial support given to both my two children. Both children have struggled to progress in school following the death of their father, this allowance will help me be able to continue supporting them with their education.” 

“I am so very grateful for all the support the funds have helped with and the pleasure it has given my daughter. At present the funds go towards her extra maths and English, and swimming. Without the funds I would have found it very, very hard.” 

“I am humbled at your generosity and the money you send will go a long way in giving my daughter a secure future.” 

Each year almost half a million pounds is distributed by the trust to police families. This is made possible thanks to the support we have been given from serving police officers, who currently donate 80p a month out of their pay packets. Thank you to all those people who have and continue to support us in this way. 

How you can help
Signing up to our E-Newsletter
We would ideally like to start communicating with those people who have an interest in the charity in some way, whether it be as one of the old boys/girl (from the orphanage), donors, beneficiaries or members of the public who are interested in supporting the St George's Police Children Trust cause.

If you would like to start receiving communication from the charity please contact Nicola Ridgway on 01423 504448 / 

We promise our intention is by no way to bombard you with literature, we will look to send a couple of newsletters out a year, updating you on any changes within the charity and how families are benefiting from the help the charity is able to give.

There are a number of ways people can support the charity and making a small donation to help us provide financial assistance to all those families in need this Christmas is one very special way of doing so.

If you would like to find out how you can donate to the charity or discuss any fundraising ideas you might have, please contact Nicola Ridgway on 01423 504448 / 

Thank You!
Nicola Ridgway

If you have any suggestions, corrections or additions you would like to have included or made to the website, contact:

                                                                         Peter G. Taylor
                                                                         PO Box 361
                                                                         Wellington 5254
                                                                         New Zealand.
                                                                         Tel: 0064.4.2981138


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