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Police Connections

There were many family reasons why children were accepted as orphans by St George's, the first requirement however was that they had to have come from a police family of specified Police Forces, see following excerpt from the Rules (the full list of which can be seen by looking at the Admission page) 'The Forces to benefit from the organisation of St George's House are those contained in Schedule 2 of the Charity Commissioners' Scheme, sealed 11th December, 1931, and are as follows:-The counties of Chester, Cumberland, Derby, Durham, Lancaster, Lincoln, Northumberland, Nottingham, Salop, Stafford, Westmorland, York, Anglesy, Caernavon, Denbigh, Flint, Merioneth and Montgomery'.
Det. Const. John Robert Mitchell P.C. Walter Bracken
P.C. Walter Holdsworth P.C. Adam Robertson Drummond
P.C.182 Thomas Harland P.C. Frank Gilbert
P.C. John Ashburne P.C. Williams
P.C.130 Thomas William Bradley P.C. Charles Arthur Parkes
Det.Const.75  Ernest James Taylor P.C. George Robert Nuttall
Det. Sgt.4 George Boschi Insp. Thomas Robert Grist
Sgt. 510 George Frederick Rich P.C. 5 Charles Squires
P.C. 34 Henry Owen Det.Insp. William Stephenson
P.C. Albert Francis Higton P.C. Frederick Lawrence Smith
P.C. George Corby P.C. Thomas Ellis Williams
P.C. 730 Thomas William Elliott P.C.30 Donald McLaren
P.C. George Ernest Parker  
P.C. Ralph Madew  
Sgt. 46 John Helyer  
P.C. James Hinson  
P.C. 12 James John Fawcett  
Sgt. Thomas William Johnson  
P.C. 968 James Innes Shepherd  
P.C. 29 Herbert Jones  

This page is devoted to some of those Police Officers whose families had children cared for by St George's House.
Scroll down to read information about the families, which also includes references and photos of family members who also served
or are presently serving in Police Forces around the UK:


                                                                            Det. Const John Robert Mitchell
Born: 1895
March 1926
Det. Constable
Police Force:
River Wear Police (joined 1919) Sunderland Borough Police Force (joined 1922)
Wife’s name:
Gertrude Gwendoline Mitchell nee Gray. 1897 - 1979
Gwendoline Mitchell, entered St George's 1929. Child number 394

                                         John Robert Mitchell. Joined the First         Gwendoline Mitchell with her mother
                                 Gordon Highlanders and after the war         Gertrude Mitchell.
                                 the River Wear Police and Sunderland         Photo taken at How Stean Gorge near
                                 Borough Police Force.                              Harrogate, in 1932.

                  Father: John Robert Mitchell 1895 – 1926.  Mother: Gertrude Gwendoline 1897 -1979 

When war was declared in 1914 my father joined the First Gordon Highlanders. After initial training he was sent to France at the end of 1914. During heavy fighting he was taken prisoner with many other soldiers, within weeks of being in France. Their treatment was harsh and cruel and he and many others were made to work down in the salt mines.

There were English, French, Italian and Russian prisoners of war in my father’s camp. He started English lessons for them and encouraged the other nationals to give lessons in their own languages. My father came home with fluent French, Italian and Russian and a necessary small amount of German.

He was demobilized in 1919. Later the same year my father joined the River Wear Police and served with that Force for two and half years. He then joined the Sunderland Police Force and served as a Police Constable, and later as a member of the CID. In March 1926 he died of TB. I was two years old. I would have loved to have known him. I have enclosed a letter from Mr. W.H. Prior, which was published in the Sunderland Newspaper, 10.4.1926, shortly after my father died. My mother was widowed at the age of 28. She had to work for many years to financially support herself. Although life was sometimes hard for her she had the great pleasure of being part of my own family after I married. When she died aged 82, I placed her ashes in my father’s grave. 

                Gwen George nee Mitchell (St. George’s 394.)                                                                      23.7.2009.

When Gwen entered St. George’s in 1929 at the age of six and spent the first six weeks in the Sick Wing, she was unable to settle into the lifestyle. At the suggestion of Dr. Yeoman, Miss Knocker offered her mother a residential job at St. George’s with a view to helping Gwen to settle in. Her mother remained at St. George’s for three and a half years, after which, and when Gwen had adjusted to life at St. George’s, she took up a position of Cook/Housekeeper at the Harrogate Ladies’ College.


                           Letter to the Editor of Sunderland Echo, published 10 April, 1926. Written by William H. Prior

                                                                        A TRIBUTE TO A HERO

Sir,- I have recently received news, together with a cutting from your paper, telling of the death of the late P.C. John R. Mitchell.
The news had something more than a saddening effect upon me for I had the privilege of "Jock" Mitchell's friendship whilst a prisoner of war in Germany.  I was taken in 1918 and Mitchell had been there for nearly four years.  I will not enlarge on the fact that he practically saved my life when I was in a starving condition and was lucky enough to meet him, when he shared what he had in the way of food with me. 

What I shall never forget is that he struck me as being one of the finest examples of the "Old Contemptibles"  I have had the good fortune to meet.  He was one of those who got into enemy hands in the early days of the War, an enemy who did his utmost to break the spirit of "the Englanders". 

There are stories, only known to men who were prisoners of war, of Britishers who have been thrown down mine shafts for refusing to do work that would directly assist the Germans against the British Army, stories of men who have been held with their bare backs to blazing furnaces for refusing to salute the German uniform, tales of British prisoners who have shown their contempt of bullying German sentries by taking their rifles out of their hands and handing them back and your German soldier is no mug in his handling of a rifle.  One lesson per sentry was enough.

The history of the Great War will never be written, least of all that part which deals with those Britishers who were in German hands and of whom "Jock"  Mitchell was a fine specimen.  Four bitter years of captivity failed to bring him to his knees and he carried himself throughout with a splendid contempt for the Hun and paid homage to nothing except the traditions of the British Army.  He was the most popular man in our camp with prisoners of all nationalities.  With the British prisoners he was regarded as  a leader and an authority.  He deserved it, he set an example to the rest of us. 

The cutting I have received records the making of one who was a gentleman and a sportsman and a British soldier of the first water.  If there are any more of Mitchell's breed in Sunderland, I take off my hat to them. 

Yours, etc.,
William H. Prior

(Late Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers)
27 Custom House Street
Cardiff.  April 10, 1926

P.C. Walter Holdsworth
Police Constable
Police Force:
 Leeds City Police
Wife’s name:

Doreen Winifred Holdsworth, entered St George's 1932. Child number 421
Doreen joined the Leeds City Police and served in the Chapeltown area. She retired from the Police Force during the Second World War and later worked for the Leeds City Council. Doreen married John Wilson in Leeds 19/9/1941.  She was born 30/12/1922 and died in St James Hospital, Leeds 11/7/1980 aged 57.

 Doreen Wilson nee Holdsworth

                                                          P.C. 182 Thomas Harland
Whitby, North Yorkshire,1898.
1931, Leeds,Yorkshire.
Police Constable 182
Police Force:
West Yorkshire, Leeds City B Division.
Wife’s name:
Mary Alice Harland nee Levitt
Elsie Harland, entered St George's 1931. Child number 417
Raymond Harland, entered St George's 1931. Child number 418
Marjorie Harland, entered St George's 1931. Child number 419
Bernard Harland, entered St George's 1934. Child number 449
Godfrey Harland, entered St George's 1936. Child number 480

                              P.C.182 Thomas Harland                                              Mary Alice Harland nee Levitt
Thomas Harland served in the Yorkshire and Lancashire Regiment from April 1915 to March 1921, he then worked as a Grocer before joining the Police. He originally applied to serve in the Middlesbrough Force but, as there was no position available at the time, joined Leeds City B Division, Police Force. The initial probationary period was from February 1922 during which time he was paid 70/- (seventy shillings) per week. After his appointment was confirmed in February 1923 he was paid 72/- (seventy two shillings) per week. His record shows that he sat his Sergeant's promotion examination, passing Part 1 in 1926 and Part 2 in 1927, it is unclear whether he actually assumed the rank of Sergeant.
P.C.Thomas Harland died in 1931 of Pulmonary Tuberculosis and is buried in Hunslet Cemetery, Leeds in a multiple grave, a practice that was common at the time.
See also From the past page.

                                                           P.C. John Ashburne

Cumbria 1865
Police Constable
Police Force:
West Yorkshire, Dewsbury Division
Wife’s name:
Elisabeth Ashburne nee Carr
Sarah Ashburne, emigrated to Australia
Edith Ashburne, emigrated to Australia
Richard Ashburne, entered St George’s 1898, child number 6
Alfred Ashburne, entered St George’s 1898, child number 7



Both boys emigrated to Canada early 1900’s and served in the Canadian Armed Forces in the First World war.
Richard was killed in France and is buried there, his name being recorded on the WW1 Memorial that was located in the foyer of St George’s House, this Memorial is now on display at Ripon Museum.
See also The Services page, of this website.

P.C. John Ashburne
See also article on Services page


                                                     P.C. 130 Thomas William Bradley
Born: Bolton Lancashire, 18 April, 1899
24 Feb. 1942
Police Constable 130
Police Force:
Bolton Borough Police Force
Wife’s name:
May Bradley nee Wright. (Married 11 Dec.1920)
Irene Bradley. Born 1921.Married William Cavanagh, deep sea diver R.N.
Nellie Bradley. Born 1922. Died aged 2 years 7 months of Measles.
Thomas William Bradley Jnr. Born 1925. Deceased, served in the Army during WW2.
James Bradley. Born 1927. Guardsman. Deceased
Elsie Bradley. Born 1932, entered St George's 25 March 1942. Left July 1948. Child 541
Norma Bradley. Born 1936, entered St George's 25 March 1942. Left 1950. Child 542

                                                P.C. Thomas William Bradley
           May Bradley nee Wright

Thomas William Bradley, served in the East Lancashire Regiment in WW1, he lied about his age in 1914-1915 and was posted to France, where he was later wounded with shrapnel. His father had been killed in the Boer War.

He joined the Bolton Borough Police Force in December 1920, Police Constable 130.

P.C. Bradley died 24 February, 1942 aged 42 (Coronary Thrombosis) Townley Hospital, Bolton
and was buried with full Police Honours at the family grave in Heaton Cemetery, Bolton, on Saturday 28 February, 1942.
His widowed mother Jane, outlived him by almost 10 years, dying at the age of 80 in Bolton, in June 1951.

                                                Det.Const. 75  Ernest James Taylor
Born: Hullavington, Wiltshire. 1890
30 October 1942
DC 75
Police Force:
Sunderland Borough Police Force
Wife's name:
(Ernest's first marriage) Ada Elizabeth Taylor nee Fry, born Grittleton, Wilts, 1 Oct,1893, died 27 June 1915 age 22.
No children
Wife's name:
(Ernest's second marriage) Jane Annie Taylor nee Whitfield, died Sept 1931 age 41. Mother of:
Ernest William Taylor (born 1919)
Vera R. Taylor (born 1921 died 1922)
Worthy Raymond Taylor (born 1923)
Ronald V. Taylor (born 1925)
Dennis Joseph Taylor (born 7/4/1926 )
Jane A. Taylor (died March quarter 1930)
Olive Christiana Taylor (born 26/5/29)
Wife's name:
(Ernest's third marriage) Hilda May Taylor nee Neilson, died June 2008 age 98. Mother of:
Reginald James Taylor (born 2/5/1936) entered St George's 1943, child 559 emigrated to New Zealand with mother.
Peter Grenville Taylor (25/10/1937) entered St George's 1943, child 560 emigrated to New Zealand with mother.
Pamela Hilda Taylor (9/4/1941) emigrated to New Zealand with mother.

Quoted from Sunderland Echo notice 30th October, 1942.
A native of Hullavington, Wiltshire, Det.Const. Taylor served in the Sunderland Police Force for 23 years and had been in the C.I.D. for the last seven years, prior to his death. He served in the Royal Artillery during the Great War and leaves a widow and family, including a son (Ernest) who is serving in the Middle East and another son (Worthy) who is in the Royal Air Force.

Ernest Taylor's first wife                     Ernest Taylor's second wife            Ernest Taylor's third wife 
    Det.Const Ernest Taylor        The grave of 'Bessie'.               Jane Taylor nee Whitfield      Hilda Taylor nee Neilson
                                            Ada Elizabeth Taylor nee Fry              

                                                                       Sunderland Borough Police
Sunderland Echo Obituary notice, 2nd November, 1942.

Police Tribute. Funeral of Det. Const. E.J. Taylor

Sunderland Police Force and the Fellowship of the Services were largely represented at the funeral yesterday of
Detective Constable Ernest James Taylor (52) of Hurstwood Road.
Detective Constable Taylor was escorting a prisoner from London to Sunderland when he collapsed in the train and died in hospital.

Funeral service in St Nicholas's Church and at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery was conducted by Rev. I. Dent.
The cortege was headed by the Police Band and by a detachment of police under Inspector L. Stockdale.
Bearers were four detective sergts,- G. Bell, W.R.Taylor, T.Jermy and Tate.
Sunderland Corporation was represented by the Mayor (Coun. Myers Wayman) and Councillors A.W. Semple and
W. Barber.
Sunderland Police Force was represented by the Chief Constable (Mr G. H. Cook), Deputy Chief Constable (Mr E.V.Smith)
Chief Detective-Inspector T. Middlemist, Inspectors Watson, Sneddon, Johnson and Parkinson and a detachment of
other ranks.
River Wear Watch officers paraded under Mr Pennington and Insp. R. Hill headed a detachment of Special Constables.
A unit of N.F.S. men was in the charge of Senior Company Officer L. Allinson and Company Officer D. Stoddart.
Det. J. W. Tierney represented Newcastle C.I.D. and Miss Carter and Miss Short of Sunderland C.I.D. office staff,
were also present.
Ex-members of the Police Force present included Messrs Byers, Tierney, Matthews, Thirlwall and Blackbell.
Sunderland Fellowship of the Services was represented by Messrs E. S. Rimer, J. Bainbridge, J.A.Jobling, R.R. Short,
S. Ord, E.A. Hadrum, W.P.Brown, J.W. Snowball, J. Butterfield, E.Rake, R. Short, A.Weetman and R. Webster.
Others present included Messrs H.F.Logan, J.C. McKenzie, T.C. Croisdale, F.S.Blackett, T. Taylor (Monkwearmouth
Hospital), Capt H. W. Newton (Group 19D Wardens), D. Berger, T.H.Johnston, J. Castle, Mr & Mrs L. Marshall,
Miss Hodgson, Mrs Harper and Mrs Whyte.


 see also:

Other members of the Taylor family who served in the Police Forces in England.

Uncle to Reg & Peter Taylor                                Uncle to Reg & Peter Taylor         Uncle to Reg & Peter Taylor                Brother of Reg & Peter Taylor

  PC Joseph Arthur Stretch                  PC Charles Worthy      PC Arthur Mundell (and family)      PC Worthy Raymond Taylor
 Wiltshire Constabulary, Shrewton,       Taylor. River Police,     North Riding Constabulary            Morley Police Force,Yorkshire.   
 served in the Army during WW1          Bristol, also served      Scorton, Yorkshire
                                                     in the Navy, Royal      
                                                     Fleet Reserves, 

                                           Morley Police Force. PC Worthy Taylor, back row, third from right.  

To this day two other members of our family (nephews) are serving members of the Sussex and Darlington Police Forces.                                                 

See also article on From the Past page


                                                        Det. Sgt.4  George Boschi
Born: Liverpool. March 1905
22nd November, 1940
Detective Sergeant 4
Police Force:
Stockport Borough Police Force
Wife's name:
Ann Rothwell Boschi nee Blundell
Arthur Boschi, entered St George's 16th December, 1940, left July 1946. Child 536
Barbara Boschi, entered St George's January 1941, left July 1948. Child 537

                                         Det.Sgt.George Boschi                  Ann Boschi

Sergeant Boschi had also served with the Fire Service and his coffin was carried on a fire engine draped with the Union Jack
through the streets of Stockport. His funeral service was held at Dialstone Methodist Church followed by the burial ceremony
at Stockport Cemetery.
His coffin was borne by colleagues from the C.I.D. and the funeral was attended by local dignitaries with whom he had served
throughout his distinguished career.


                                                      Sgt 510 George Frederick Rich
Born: London, 1889.
Sergeant No:510
Police Force:
City of Sheffield Police Force
Wife's name:
Ivy Gwendoline Rich nee Collyer
Gwendoline I. Rich, entered St George's 1947. Child 594
Marguerite A. Rich, entered St George's 1947. Child 595
Elizabeth M. Rich, entered St George's 1947. Child 596


                     Sgt George Frederick Rich served in the Mounted Police Division, City of Sheffield, Mounted Police.

                                                           P.C. 34 Henry Owen
Born: Newcastle upon Tyne. 23 March 1886.
8 July 1962
Police Constable No.34
Police Force:
South Shields Police Force. Northumbria.
Wife's name:
Emily Owen nee Hope
Frank Owen (died early in life)
Bertha Owen, 1908-1985, entered St George's 1918. Child 269
Irene Owen, 1911-1998, entered St George's 1918. Child 270
Edith Owen, 1913-2008, entered St George's 1918. Child 272
Harry Owen, 1915-1976
Nancy Owen, 1916-1993

                                                                                 P.C. Henry Owen 

Around 1916-1917  P.C. Henry Owen was attacked whilst on duty and suffered severe head injuries which subsequently caused him to experience mental problems. His resulting committal in 1917 to St Mary's Hospital at Stannington, Morpeth, was devastating to his wife Emily and family, resulting in three of the children being cared for by St George's, see also 'From the Past' page.
Henry died on 8th July, 1962, in St Mary's Hospital having spent 45 years separated (apart from occasional home visits) from his family.
Staff at the hospital spoke of Henry as being a very gentle, honourable and kind man, who enjoyed tending the grounds and gardens of the hospital.
See also article on from the Past page.


                                                       P.C. Albert Francis Higton
Born: Bombay, India.1883.
September quarter, 1926
Police Constable
Police Force:
Durham Police Force.
Wife's name:
Rose Annie Higton, nee Orr
George Higton, born in West Hartlepool, 1915, entered St George's 1926. Child 353
Harry Higton, born West Hartlepool, 1919, entered St George's 1926. Child 354

Albert Higton was born in Bombay, India and the 1901 UK Census taken in Lancaster shows that he was a Private and Drummer,
aged 18, with the Royal Lancaster Regiment, before he joined the Durham Police Force.

                                                                                       P.C. George Corby
Empingham, Rutland.1862.
Police Constable
Police Force:
City of Sheffield Police Force
Wife's name:
(George's first wife) Ann Catherine Corby nee Martin. Died 1896
Martha A. Corby
Wife's name:
Laura Corby nee Garwood
George Corby, born 1897, Sheffield
Tom Corby, born 1901 Sheffield
Laura Corby, born 1902, Sheffield
Willis Corby, born 1904, Sheffield, entered St George's 1913. Child 208
Muriel Corby, born 1910,Leicester.

Willis Corby (208) was a son of George Corby who was a Police Constable with the Sheffield Police Force.

Willis Corby was born in the March Quarter of 1904 in Sheffield. BMD Ref: Eccleshall Bierlow Volume 9c Page 508. The son of George Corby and his second wife Laura nee Garwood, who was born in the Doncaster area  in the March Quarter of 1875. BMD Ref: Doncaster Volume 9c Page 683. She died  aged 35 in the very early part of 1911, before the 1911 Census. BMD Ref:  Southwell ( Notts) Volume 7b Page 259. George Corby and Laura Garwood married in the September Quarter of 1896 BMD Ref: South Sheffield  Volume 9c Page 746.  George Corby was born  in 1862 in Empingham Rutland. His first wife was Ann Catherine nee Martin born in the March Quarter of 1859 BMD Ref: Oakham ( Leics) Volume 71 Page 245. They married in the September Quarter of 1878 BMD Ref: Oakham Volume 7a Page 457. There was a daughter of this marriage  Martha A Corby  born in December 1879 in Empingham Rutland. Ann Catherine Corby nee Martin died before September 1896.

The 1911 Census taken at Easthorpe, Southwell, Nottinghamshire shows all these children living with their widower father George Corby, aged 50, Retired Police Pensioner.
George Corby died in the September Quarter of 1913  BMD Ref: Southwell (Notts) Volume 7b Page 450.
See also article on From the Past page.

P.C. 730 Thomas William Elliott

Born: Hebburn, South Shields. 23 Nov 1903
22 Aug 1939, aged 35
Police Constable No:730
Police Force:
Durham County Police Force
Wife's name:
Mildred Elliott nee Hawkins
Name unknown. Died in infancy
Pearl Elliott, born 22 Nov 1927 entered St George's 1939. Child number 521
June Elliott, born 21 June 1929 entered St George's 1939. Child number 522
Mildred Elliott, born 7 April 1931 entered St George's 1939. Child number 523

Thomas William Elliott was born 23.11.1903 in Hebburn, South Shields. His Police Record shows that he was a Miner before joining the Durham County Police Force 22.9.1924, as Police Constable 730. He was 6 feet tall, had a fair complexion, grey eyes and brown hair.  He married Mildred Hawkins 27.2.1927 at St. Barnabas Church, Burnmoor, County Durham. Mildred was born c 1897 in Bitterne, Southampton, Hampshire, the eldest child of James Hawkins and his wife Emily. The 1911 Census taken at The Cottage, Newbridge Bank, Chester le Street, County Durham shows that her father, James was 33 and a Gamekeeper, who was born c 1878 in Horton Heath Hampshire. Her mother Emily Hawkins was 31 and was born c 1880 in Soberton Hampshire.  Mildred aged 14 was a Scholar. There were two other children, James Junior aged 10, a Scholar, born in Bitterne, Southampton and Lilian aged 6, born in North Stoneham, Hampshire.

Thomas William Elliott and his wife Mildred nee Hawkins had four children. One child died in infancy from influenza.

Their father served with the Chester le Street Division of the County Durham Police Force and from 21.12.1929 was stationed at Ravensworth Colliery County Durham. He retired from the Police Force 10.7.1939 due to ill health (arthritis) and died 22.8.1939 at the age of 35.  His wife, Mildred, died in April 1945.

 PC Thomas William Elliott              Mildred Elliott                    Naomi Goodman (left) Metropolitan Police Officer based
                                                    nee Hawkins                     in Hackney, London. Great grand daughter of Thomas
                                                                                         and Mildred.
See also article on From the Past page

P.C. George Ernest Parker

Born: 1913. Louth, Lincolnshire
Died: 2009, aged 96 years
Rank: Constable
Police Force: York City Police Force entered the Police Force 3 May, 1937. 
Wife's name: Edith Betsy Parkes. Born: 1917. Ruskington, Lincolnshire. Died 1975
Jean Parker. Did not attend St George's
John William Parker,
born 1941 entered St George’s Orphanage 1948 Child number 616 
Colin Ernest Parker, born 1946 entered St George’s Orphanage 1948 Child number 617
Rodney Parker, born 1947,
entered St George’s Orphanage 1948 Child number 618 

George Parker served in the Coldstream Guards after which he joined the York Police in 1937 as a mounted Policeman.

George Parker - Coldstream Guards      Edith Betsy Parkes - Mother                            PC George Parker - York Mounted Police


                      PC George Ernest Parker. York City Mounted Police. Photo taken at York, St Leger in August 1945 

                                                                                        P.C. Ralph Madew

Born: Sept 1892
5.5.1928, Betley, Staffordshire
Police Constable No:124
Police Force:
Longton Division, Stoke on Trent Constabulary
Wife's name:
Ethel Madew nee Brookshaw. Born 27.9.1891. Died 13.6.1976. Stockport
Lawrence Madew, born 22.3.1919, Hanley Staffordshire, entered St George's 1928. Child Number 382.
                         Died 25.10.1994. Cheshire.
Cyril Madew, born 17.10.1920, Hanley Staffordshire, entered St George's 1928. Child number 383.
                         Died 15.7.1996. Oxford,  (Cyril was a Police Officer with Thames Valley Police Force).

                           Ralph Madew                                                     PC 124 Ralph Madew    
                      Welsh Horse Mounted Military Police                      Stoke on Trent Constabulary

Ralph joined the Army 29.4.1915. He had been a Police Constable  for 5 years , serving at Longton Division, Stoke on Trent, Staffs.
Home address: Beech Cottage, Betley Nr. Crewe.

He was serving in the Army when he married Ethel Brookshaw in 1916; Registered in Newcastle under Lyme BMD Ref; 6b page 87.  

Served in Welsh Horse Mounted Military Police.  Regt. No: 1153
Served in Bedford Yeomanry. Regt. No: 204156
Served in Bedfordshire Regiment .............4th Bedford........Regt. No: 41309
Army Form: W3494 dated 17.12.1917
Rank: Private
Regt: 4th Bedford  Regt.  No: 204156
Approved Society: Hearts of Oak.  

Ralph received the Victory Medal and the British Medal  ( Ref: Roll K/2/104  B13. Page 871)  

Ralph was transferred from the Welsh Horse to the Bedford  Regiment   6.7.1917, on Cavalry Rates of Pay, and  then posted to the Bedford 4th Regiment Depot  5.11.1917, which is the date on which he was admitted to hospital. Firstly a Military Hospital at the Bedford Regiment Depot and later to the 4th Northern General Hospital in Lincoln.  

Ralph was wounded ( Result of  active service) . Gunshot wound to the head. and was hospitalized at the General Hospital Lincoln, from where he was discharged  21.12.1917. He was considered to be of 80% Lessened capacity and was awarded a Pension of 27shillings and sixpence for four weeks, then a Pension of 22 shillings a week be reviewed in 48 weeks.

Ralph was discharged from the Army to his home at Beech Cottage 11.1.1918 

A Badge  ( Bedford 4th Regiment) was received by Ralph at Beech Cottage, Betley 13.1.1918

Children of Ralph & Ethel Madew:
Olive Kathleen Madew, born 12.04.1917 died 1924
Lawrence Madew, who married Margery Muscroft. Their four children:
                          Kathleen Ince nee Madew, born 31.01.1953
                          John Ralph Madew, born 30.10.1954
                          Christopher Madew, born 25.05.1957
                          Elizabeth Madew, (Sergeant Metropolitan Police) born 01.01.1962

Cyril Madew, (Police Constable), who married Mary Rawlings. Their two children:
                          Jane Elizabeth Henry nee Madew, born 28.01.1956
                          Helen Mary Lee nee Madew, born 25.05.1957




 Metropolitan Police Sergeant Elizabeth Madew, being presented
 with her Long Service Medal and Commendation, by Sir John Stevens QPM,
 on 10.09.2004.




See also article on From the Past page

                                                                                         Sgt.46  John Helyer


Sergeant No46
Police Force:
South Shields Police Force and later Durham County Police Force (Houghton le Spring Division)
Wife's name:
Jack Helyer
Albert Helyer entered St George's 1928. Child Number 377.
Vincent Helyer entered St George's 1928. Child Number 378.
Edwin Helyer entered St George's 1930. Child Number 405.

John Helyer's father, Edwin Alfred Helyer, was also a member of the Police Force, having reached the level of Detective Inspector with the River Police.
See also article on From the Past page

P.C. James Hinson
Born: 1856.Glendale, Northumberland
24 August, 1898. Newcastle upon Tyne
Police Constable
Police Force:
Newcastle upon Tyne Police Force.
Wife's name:
Isabella Hinson nee Reid born c1854 died 18 May, 1940. Married 22 May, 1880
James Arthur Hinson, born 1883
John Hinson, born 13 January, 1885 died 1965
Elizabeth Hinson, born 1888
Charlotte Hinson, born 12 February,1889, entered St George's 1898, child number 20. Married John William Smith 3/6/1910
                        and died 25/2/1967
Edwin Hinson, born 1894

James Hinson was a coachman to the Bishop of Durham prior to his joining the Police Force. His death aged 41 on 22 August, 1898, which is recorded on the Police Roll of Honour website (Northumbria), was caused when he tried to stop a runaway bull.
see also:

Evening Chronicle 24/8/1898


A member of the Newcastle Constabulary, named James Hinson, about 36 years of age, died very suddenly this afternoon. The deceased, who is a native of Belford district, came to Newcastle some years ago, and joined the police force, but had not long been in that capacity when he left and took a situation in the county of Durham, as a coachman. His employer dying, he was thrown out of employment, and retraced his steps to Newcastle, and rejoined the force. He was for a long time one of the four mounted policemen who patrolled the city and district, and also driver of the fire engine.

At the beginning of the year, he was again put on regular duty, and one day in March, whilst walking along Waterloo St, he observed a bull running quickly along the street. He endeavoured to stop it and in doing so fell to the ground, injuring himself about the head and chest. He was taken to the Infirmary where he lay for some time. Ever since, he complained frequently of pains in the head. He was on parade at Westgate Police Station at 10 o’clock this morning, apparently in his usual state of health, but a little over an hour afterwards, whilst on duty in Clayton St, he suddenly became very unwell. Assistance was obtained, and finding him unable to walk the ambulance was sent for and he was conveyed to the Infirmary, where, despite all that medical skill devise, he gradually sank, and died shortly before 1 o’clock this afternoon. The deceased leaves a widow and five children. Amongst the force great regret is expressed at the sudden loss of a comrade, who was held in high esteem, and who was a favourite with all his colleagues.

                                                                     *     *     *     *     *
The 1911 census shows Isabella Hinson employed as a servant with the McDonald family in Otterburn, Northumberland.

On and Off Duty (Police Periodical)
Nov, 1st, 1898 

In Memorium.


James Hinson, a member of the Newcastle Police Constabulary, died very suddenly. The deceased, who was about thirty-six years of age, was a native of Belford district. He was for a long time one of the mounted Policemen who patrolled the city and district, and also driver of the fire engine. In March last, whilst walking along Waterloo St, he observed a bull running quickly about the street, and in endeavouring to stop it he fell to the ground and injured himself about the head and chest. Ever since he complained of pains in the head, although he was on parade at Westgate Police Station as usual, but shortly afterwards, whilst on duty in Clayton Street, he became unwell, and had to be conveyed to the Infirmary on an ambulance, where he died shortly before one o’clock. The deceased, who leaves a widow and five children, was held in general esteem by his colleagues in the Force. 

                                                                    *     *     *     *     *


The funeral of the late P.C. Hinson, of the Newcastle Constabulary, took place at Elswick Cemetery.

The cortege left the residence of the deceased in Raby St, Byker, shortly before two o’clock. There were three carriages containing relatives and friends, besides a number of relations who walked immediately behind the hearse, amongst these being Messrs. William, Thomas, and John Hinson, brothers; Messrs. William Collins and William Anderson, brothers- in- law. No fewer than 100 members of the Police Force were present, including four Superintendents, one Inspector, and twelve Sergeants, the whole being under the command of Chief-Supt. Robert Wilson. The coffin was of oak, with a brass plate bearing the name and age of the deceased. The coffin was covered with flowers and immortelles.

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P.C. 12 James John Fawcett

Born: 13 April 1911
7 December 1939, aged 28 years.
Police Constable
Police Force:
 A Division, Millgarth, Leeds City Police
Wife’s name:
Kathleen Mary Fawcett nee Colley, born York, 3 January,1913, died York, 17 March 1947.
Frank Fawcett. Born York, 1932,  entered St George's 16 November,1939. Child Number: 532.
Barbara Fawcett. Born Leeds, 1937, entered St George's 31 January 1940.  Child number 533

James John Fawcett, whose photograph is shown below, apparently did not follow the rest of the family into the York Force because he failed the medical. He was tall enough at 6'4" but his chest was deemed to be not broad enough, but he was accepted by the Leeds City Police Force.  James Fawcett contracted TB and was admitted to Killingbeck Hospital, Leeds. With the outbreak of War, 3 September 1939, patients suffering from 'incurable diseases' were sent home, to make room in the hospitals for expected war casualties. Sadly, he died at home on 7 December, 1939.                                                                                                             
                                                                                                              Great Uncle to Frank & Barbara Fawcett   

PC 12 James John Fawcett. Joined Leeds          PC 95 Thomas Watson Fawcett
                       City Police, A Division, Millgarth Street,            with his wife Kate & son Jimmy.
                       7 October, 1932. Died 7 December,1939.          Joined York City Police Force, 8 April 1914,
                                                                                       served in the Army WW1 from 11 February
                                                                                       1915 to 12 April 1918 and then rejoined
                                                                                       York City Police.
See also article on From the Past page

         Sgt. Thomas William Johnson

Born: 1 June 1870, Derbyshire
8 July, 1918, Burton Joyce Nottinghamshire
Sergeant (Promoted Inspector) PC68
Police Force:
 Nottinghamshire Constabulary
Wife’s name:
Ellen Johnson nee Wood
Ethel Johnson, 1897 - 1988
Hilda Johnson, 1899 - 1981
Nellie Johnson, 1902 - 1988
William Henry Johnson, 1904 - 1995
Constance Johnson, 1907 - 1997
Horace Johnson, 1 June 1910 - 16 September 1987. Entered St George's 1920. Child Number 291
Thomas William Johnson, 29 January 1912 - 13 February 1995. Entered St George's 1920. Child Number 292
Ellen Johnson, 1916 - 2005

Sgt.Thomas William Johnson 1870 – 1918.              Police Service Record: Sgt T.W.Johnson

He joined the Army – Derbyshire Regiment in 1889 – 1898. He then joined the Nottinghamshire
Constabulary on 19 May 1898.
His Police Service was interrupted when he was recalled as a Reservist to the Army for the Boer War.
He was awarded the Queen’s South Africa Medal with clasps – Johannesburg, Diamond Hill,
Cape Colony, Orange Free State plus the King’s South Africa Medal with clasps South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902.
He returned to Police duty on 5 March 1902. He was promoted Inspector in 1918 but died suddenly on 8 July 1918 before he could take up the appointment. 

His sons Horace and Thomas William, were taken to St Georges by their sister Ethel, where they were admitted in 1920.

Thomas William Johnson Jnr with his mother Ellen Johnson.

PC 968 James Innes Shepherd

Name:James Innes Shepherd
Born: 22 April, 1896. Born in Auchnavaird in the parish of Old Deer.
Died: 15/9/1933. Victoria Hospital, Keighley, Yorkshire.
Rank: PC 968
Police Force: West Riding Constabulary
Wife's name: Malinda Shepherd, nee Barker.

Fred Shepherd, born 30/9/1924, entered St George's 26/10/1933. Child number 441
James Shepherd, 30/8/1927, entered St George's 26/10/1933. Child number 442
Peter Shepherd, born 19/10/1930, entered St George's 1935. Child number 471

James Innes Shepherd served in the Scottish Horse Regiment during the 1914 - 1918 war, later serving as a Police Officer in the West Riding Constabulary. James & Malinda were married in Christ Church, Liversedge (known as Liversedge Parish Church) in 1924.


PC 29 Herbert Jones

Herbert Jones
Born: 25 March, 1889 at Wheelock Heath (nr Crewe)
Died: 10/3/1919
Rank: PC 29
Police Force:
Cheshire Constabulary 4/6/1910
Wirral Division - New Ferry Police Station 24/7/1910
Altrincham Division - Altrincham Police Station 30/9/1910
Runcorn Division - Runcorn Police Station 30/9/1911
Runcorn Division - Stockton Heath Police Station 1/7/1912
Runcorn Division - Grappenhall Police Station 2/3/1913
Altrincham Division - Hale Barns Police Station 21/3/1915
Herbert Jones stayed at Hale Barns Police Station until 10/3/1919 when he died of Influenza and Pneumonia, this was during the 'Spanish Flu' epidemic of 1918/1919.
Wife's name:
Ada Jones nee Read. Married at St Peter's, Outrington, Lymm, Cheshire, on 30/9/1911
Ada was born at Rush Green, Lymm on 24/2/1887 and died in 1969 aged 82.
Dorothy Mary Jones, entered St George's 1919. Child number 286
Edith Jones, entered St George's 1920. Child number 299
Harold Jones
, entered St George's 1924. Child number 325

 PC Walter Bracken
Name: Walter Bracken
Born: 1878
Died:  1907 aged 29
Rank: PC number unknown
Police Force: Workington, Cumberland
Wife's name: Hannah Bracken nee Casson -married 3 January 1900 - Died 1945
Jane Bracken - born 1901, died 1905
James Bracken - entered St George's 1908. Child number 137 - born 25 July 1902 - died 1976
Hannah Bracken, entered St George's 1908. Child number138 - born 1904 (known as Dot or Dottie) - Died 1978

Margaret Bracken,
entered St George's 1909. Child number 149 - born 10th Dec 1905 (known as Maggie or Peggie)
Ernest Bracken,
entered St George's 1909. Child number 150 -born 10th Dec 1905 (known as Sonny) - Died 1964
Ada Bracken,
entered St George's 1914. Child number 218 - born 9th Dec 1906
- Died June 1994
Walter Bracken, born 28th March 1908 - Died August 1993

PC Walter Bracken 1878 - 1907       Photo of the Bracken family, taken shortly after death of Walter Bracken.
                                                      Ernest, Margaret, Ada (front), Hannah (mother), baby Walter, Hannah & James
Extracts from the local press.

Death of a Workington Constable.
P.C.Walter Bracken died at Workington Infirmary yesterday (Friday) morning in his thirtieth year, leaving a widow and five children the eldest seven. Blood poisoning was the cause of death but the circumstances were peculiar. One day last week he fell asleep on a couch at home and burnt his elbow with a cigarette he had been smoking. He thought little of the incident and allowed his shirt to stick in the sore. On Monday, just after noon, he was in Church Street, making inquiries along with Sergt. Mounsay and P.C.Cooper about the man Denard, who hanged himself, when he fainted, being prevented from falling by Constable Cooper. He went home, and later in the day sent his daughter to tell Supt. Sanderson he was not fit to return to duty. Dr. Eadie, who was summoned, found that blood poisoning had set in, and on Tuesday afternoon had him removed to the infirmary. He became delirious on Thursday, and throughout the night two of his brother Constables sat with him. He passed away at 2 - 3am.
Deceased was a genial, very energetic, and exceptionally capable officer who could be depended upon to the uttermost. He was a native of Kirkoswald, having joined the constabulary in 1898, when 20 years and nine months old.
He was stationed successively at Whiteaven, Penrith Maryport, Sebergham, and Longtown, before being removed to Workington.
It may be remembered that it was he who got on the track of the Rosley burglars at Longtown, and pursued them into Scotland, where he arrested them. He received the merit badge for that promptitude and intelligence he displayed on that occasion.

Policemans Funeral
The remains of P.C.Bracken were interred in Harrington Road Cemetery on Monday, the Rev.T.W. Jackson officiating. Between 40 and 50 members of the Police Force attended from Workington, Cockermouth, and Maryport, including Supt.Sanderson, and amongst the wreaths was one bearing the inscription: "In memory of Walter Bracken, police constable, as a token of respect from the officers and constablesof the Workington Division".

           PC Adam Robertson Drummond
Born: Wark on Tweed, Northumberland, 1896.

Police Constable 79
Police Force:
Gateshead County Borough Police Force (joined January 1920).
Wife’s name:
Agnes May Carr (born Barelees, Northumberland, 23 May, 1900)

Margaret Carr Drummond, born in Norham, 1920.
Adam Robertson Drummond, born in 1922.
Isobel Carr Drummond, born in 1924.
Richard Drummond, born in 1926.
James (Jim) Gregson Drummond, born in 1930.
Desmond Charles Drummond, born in 1935. Entered St George's September 1944,. Child number 564
Douglas Hamilton Drummond, born in 1937. Entered St George's September 1944,. Child number 565
Edmund (Eddy) Martin Drummond, born in 1939. Entered St George's September 1944,. Child number 566
Albert Alexander Drummond, born in 1941. Entered St George's September 1944,. Child number 567


Further background information about the Drummond family can be seen by visiting the Memories page of this website.

                                                                        PC Frank Gilbert

Born: 1900
Died: 2/3/1934
Rank: Constable
Police Force:   Nottingham
Wife's name: Emma Lizze Gilbert nee Mears born 1902
Frank Gilbert, entered St Georges 1936 child number 478
Peter Gilbert, entered St Georges 1936 child number 479
Dennis Gilbert, entered St Georges 1937 child number 492
Ivor Gilbert, entered St Georges 1937 child number 493

Doris Gilbert, did not enter St Georges.

  PC Frank Gilbert, on duty.               PC Frank Gilbert, boxing exponent.

                                                                             PC Williams
Rank: Constable
Police Force:   Lancashire
Wife's name:  
John Williams, entered St George's 1939
Tom Williams, entered St George's 1939
Jean R. Williams, entered St George's 1939

                                                                       The three children of Constable Williams 
                                                         Tom Williams, Jean Williams, John Williams
                                                         all of whom were cared for by St George's,
                                                         with a family friend.
See also article on From the Past page

P.C. Charles Arthur Parkes

Born: 19 January, 1870. Birmingham
13 February, 1906. Pollington
Police Constable
Police Force:
York City Police/ East Riding Constabulary 1902 - 1906 
 Served 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards (18 Feb 1890 - 24 May 1902) Buckingham Palace Guard, Lance Corporal.
  South African War 1899 - 1900. Awarded War Medal with clasps: Belmont, Modder River, Dreifontein.                 
Wife’s name:
Alice Ann Elliot, born 31 July, 1868, Sheffield, Yorkshire.  Died: 12 July, 1903, Pollington.
Married September quarter 1893 in Sheffield.
Evelyn May Parkes, born 1 March, 1894, entered St George's in 1906. Child number 119. Died 13 April, 1973, Waterdown, Ontario,
Charles Arthur Parkes
(Jnr), born 25 September, 1896, Keighley, Yorkshire. Died, 9 October, 1927 in Toronto, Canada as a
                  result of wound received 1916, Ypres, Belgium. Served with 9th Mississauga Horse Militia, later to become 4th  

Canadian Mounted Rifles CEF, Canadian Expeditionary Force, WW1.
Winifred Belmont Parkes, born 14 April, 1900, Wilsden, Yorkshire. Died, 1 July, 1904, Pollington.
Leonard Cecil Parkes, born 20 April, 1902, entered St George's 1906.Child number 120. Died, 21 April 1949, served with RCAF,
                  killed in plane crash, bodies found years later at crash site in a remote wooded area by hunters.
                  Served in United States Marine Corps c1925
                  RCAF 1939 - 45 O.C. Squadron Leader. Wireless No2 School Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
                  Camp X 1940 - 45.
Notes: Evelyn May Parkes aged 17 and her brother Charles Arthur Parkes aged 16 sailed from Liverpool on the Megantic, arriving in Portland Maine, USA, in 22 April, 1913. The ship was bound for Halifax, Nova Scotia. Later records show that Evelyn was in Domestic Service and Charles employed on a farm. Both travelled Steerage with British Bonus allowance, bound for Toronto.

Charles Arthur Parkes                 Memorial plaque:Charles Arthur Parkes and photo of actual flowers, feathers used on his casket.

Memorial notice for Alice Ann Parkes 1868 - 1903                                                   Wedding photo of Charles & Ann Parkes
See also article on From the Past page

                                                                P.C. George Robert Nuttall

18 October, 1861. Burnley
20 October, 1897. Burnley
Police Constable
Police Force:
Burnley Police Constabulary             
Wife’s name:
Edith Maria Jurd. Married: 8 April, 1884. Born 1863, Died 21 June, 1897.
Emily Maud Nuttall. Born 1882
George Robert Nuttall. Born 1888, entered St George's in 1898. Child number 2
Alexander Nuttall. Born 1891, entered St George's in 1898. Child number 3
Arthur Nuttall. Born 1893, entered St George's in 1898. Child number 4

George Robert Nuttall's first occupation was a seaman with Royal Navy. The family moved between naval bases of Sheerness and Gosport. When he was discharged from the navy, George returned to Burnley and became a borough police constable which also included the duties of a fireman. In June 1897, his wife Edith died at the age of 33 from tuberculosis. George had 4 children to care for, the oldest was Emily Maude and she was 14.  And there were 3 boys under 9 years. On 20th October, the same year George Robert was killed whilst fighting a fire at the New Hall Street Spinning Mills, Burnley. Apparently he was on a ladder when the building collapsed and he was crushed by falling debris. 

Visit the Police Roll of Honour website, under Lancashire Constabulary to see record:  

From newspaper reports, despite the funeral being announced as private, thousands of persons lined the streets for the funeral. Blinds were drawn along the entire route and forty policemen from Burnley attended as well as a similar number from other forces. The coffin was carried on a horse drawn carriage, thickly lined with flowers. The children travelled in the first coach with their aunt and uncle. This was the third generation in succession that Nuttall children had been orphaned.

The following Sunday there was a memorial service at the Salem Congregational Chapel attended by the police. 

A Nuttall fund was opened by the Mayor and the sum of £228 (pounds) was collected (see following)

The 2 older boys, George, aged 9, and Alexander, aged 7, were admitted to the newly established police orphanage at Harrogate The youngest boy, Arthur lived for a while with his Aunt Alice, as did his sister Emily and then joined his brothers at the orphanage.

The boys, as adults were always welcomed back to reunions and the Lady Superintendant was very proud of the success they made of their lives.

George (Junior) joined the Merchant Navy and rose to the rank of Master Mariner. Alexander married in 1911 and set sail for Sydney, Australia, where he made his home. Arthur, upon leaving the orphanage, returned to Burnley to live with his Aunt, Alice Smith and her husband Robert Smith. He became Robert's apprentice as a joiner and undertaker and spent his working life as a Master Joiner and Undertaker in Burnley. Arthur married in 1916.

The following letter is written by Caleb Thornber, Mayor of Burnley.



                 A poem written at the time in honour of PC/Fireman George Robert Nuttall, by Herr Hartli, is shown below.


Inspector Thomas Robert Grist

Born: 8 June, 1882. Anwick near Sleaford
5 June, 1925.
Police Force:
1911, served as PC in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, then in 1921 as a Sergeant in Alford, Lincolnshire, finally serving in Louth, Lincolnshire where he was promoted to the rank of Inspector. He served in this capacity up to the time of his death in 1925.
Thomas Robert Grist was born in Anwick, near Sleaford and was one of nine children. At that time his father, Benjamin Grist was a tenant farmer. Thomas Robert Grist was buried in Sleaford with his mother & father.

Wife’s name:
Rose Hannah Lee. The marriage took place on 5 September, 1911, in Folkingham, Lincolnshire.
Jack Grist. Born 4 August, 1915, in Skegness, Lincolnshire, entered St George's 1927, child number 368. After leaving St George's and before WWII Jack worked at the County Hall Boston.
During the war he reached the rank of Captain, in charge of transport, serving in Palestine up to at least 1948 where he met and married an American - Dorothy May Donnell (she was involved with scouting and the girl guide movement) on 10th March 1948 in Nuseirat.
After briefly returning to England Jack emigrated to USA never returning to the UK.
Dorothy May Grist died on June 12th 1993 in Greensboro North Carolina. Jack and Dorothy lived there all their married life where he was an administrative officer with the North Carolina State Court system. He later married Tess Ellington who also predeceased him. Jack died 22nd June 2008.

Dennis Grist. Born 21 May,1921 in Alford, Lincolnshire, entered St George's 1927, child number 363. Dennis was born in Alford Lincolnshire on 21st may 1921 and died on 26th February 2004 in Boston Lincolnshire. During WWII he spent time in Winnipeg, Canada and Malta. He married Mary Georgiana Pinches in Boston on 16th June 1952 and was a clerical officer with the Inland Revenue.

PC Thomas Robert Grist           Thomas & Rose Grist with their sons Jack & Dennis                     Inspector Thomas Robert Grist

P.C.5  Charles Squires

Born: 23 January, 1871  Walkeringham, Nottinghamshire
19 April, 1914
Police Constable
Police Force:
 Leeds City Police
Wife’s name:
Kezia Stones, died 1924

Emma Squires
Lily Squires
Annie Squires
Robert William Squires
Ada Squires, entered St George's 1914
George Squires, entered St George's 1914
Charles Squires

Charles worked as a farm hand at East Cowick, Yorkshire before joining the Leeds City Police on 22nd March, 1895. His collar number was 5 and he had one commendation for meritorious conduct in the capture of a gang of thieves. He also blotted his copy book twice, once for receiving gratuities from residents and not reporting same and once for being 11 minutes late on his beat. He had seven children; Emma; Lily: Annie; Robert William; Ada; George and Charles. Lily died as a baby. George and Ada became numbers 210 and 211 at St George’s. Their mother, Kezia, also died in 1924 just as Ada and George would have been leaving St George’s and going to live with their eldest sister. Charles’ brother, Frederick joined the Cheshire Police but resigned after about 10 years service and Charles’ grandson, Geoffrey joined the West Riding Constabulary in 1955.

          PC 5 Charles Squires                          The Squires family                                      Kezia Squires


                                                                   Det. Insp. William Stephenson
Died: 1907
Rank: Det. Insp
Police Force:   Hull City Police Force
Wife's name: Sarah Stephenson nee Richardson
Gordon Stephenson, entered St George's March, 1909. Child number 142
Linda May Stephenson.

Gordon Stephenson was born in 1898 and he was the son of William Stephenson and his wife Sarah. William and Sarah also had a daughter, Linda May. William Stephenson was a Detective Inspector in the Hull Police Force and died at 39 years old on 5 August 1907. William joined the force in July 1888 and worked his way up the ranks when he became a Detective Inspector on 23 July 1902. He was also a very active member of the Police Cricket Club. It seems likely that Sarah cared for her two children after her husband’s death, before Gordon entered St. George’s House aka Northern Police Orphanage, Harrogate as child No: 142 in March 1909. Linda May remained at home with her mother Sarah and in the 1911 census was living in Hull.
Gordon returned to live with Sarah and Linda in Hull, after leaving St George's. He started an apprenticeship at Messrs. Amos & Smith Ltd on his 16th birthday and went on to have a successful career as a Marine Engineer.
He married Doris Lilian Brown on 12th March 1925 and their daughter, Josephine Grace, was born on 9 November 1925.
Sarah and Linda continued to live together until Sarah's death on 14 July 1952. Linda passed away shortly afterwards on 23 March 1953. Gordon passed away on 1 April 1977, at the age of 79.

William Stephenson                            Linda May & Gordon Stephenson              Gordon Stephenson


Gordon & Doris Lilian Stephenson (nee Brown)                  Group photo, see following:

Back Row: Linda May Stephenson, Gordon Stephenson, George Lawton, Josephine Grace Lawton (nee Stephenson)
Front Row: Doris Lilian Stephenson (nee Brown) holding grandaughter Susan Mary Lawton and Sarah Stephenson (nee Richardson)

                                                                P.C. Frederick Lawrence Smith

Born: c1863 Witton le Wear
Died: 1898
Rank: Constable
Service Number: unknown
Police Force: Sunderland Borough Police Force
Wife’s name: Jane A. Smith nee Snowdon, married Auckland 1883, died 1938.

Elizabeth A. Smith born 1887
Minnie Smith born 1889 entered St George’s Orphanage 1898 Child number 1
Isabella Smith born 1890
Frederick G. Smith born 1893

The family lived at 10 Rothesay St, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, and Frederick worked at Sunderland Police Station, Barclay St, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland.

The circumstances surrounding Minnie Smith's entry in 1898 to St George's are not known but she is recorded as being the first child to be admitted into the orphanage, being identified as child number 1, she would have been around nine years of age.

                                   Barclay St, Monkwearmouth, where the Police Station was located (looking towards William St).

         1901 Census form showing entries for Catherine Gurney, Emma Chapman, Minnie Smith and others.
We thank Pamela Taylor of Newton Aycliffe and members of the Sunderland Antiquarium Society for their help in sourcing information used in the above article.

P.C.Thomas Ellis Williams
Born: 1898 approx
Rank: Constable
Police Force:   Morecombe, Lancashire
Wife's name: Margaret Williams nee Scott
John Williams. Entered St George's 1939. Child number 513
Tom Williams. Entered St George's 1939. Child number 514
Jean R. Williams. Entered St George's 1939. Child number 515

Prior to his death P.C.Thomas Williams was a patient at a hospital in Manchester and also received convalescent care at
St Andrew's Police Treatment Centre, Harrogate.

                                                                                      PC 30 Donald McLaren

Born: 17 January,1862. Overton, Flintshire, Wales
Died: 17 June, 1910. Flintshire, Wales.
Rank: Constable
Police Force: Flintshire Police Force  
Wife's name: Ellen Frost. Marriage date: 25 December,1891.St Martin's Church, Exminster,Devon.
Edith Jessie McLaren, born 1892.
Margaret Ellen McLaren, born 1893.
Harriet Janet McLaren (known as Janet) McLaren, born 1895.
Thomas John McLaren, born 1896 died 1898.
Emma McLaren, born 1897 died 1908.
Florence Lily McLaren, born 1898.Child number 162
, entered the Orphanage in 1910.
Hector Baden McLaren, born 1900 died 1908.
Donald McLaren, born 1901 died 1903.
Doris May McLaren, born 1903.Child number 163,
entered the Orphanage in 1910.
Elsie McLaren, born 1904.Child number 164,
entered the Orphanage in 1910.
Minnie Hinton McLaren, born 1907.Child number 243.
entered the Orphanage in 1916.

Donald was the youngest child of Thomas & Janet McLaren (Thomas McLaren attained the rank of Inspector of Police) and
enlisted in the Army on 21 October, 1885 (his service number being 511328) he was stationed at the Royal Artillery Barracks, Heavy Tree, Devon.
When Donald and Ellen's first child was born in 1892, Mulberry St, Devon, Donald was a Bombardier in the Army.

The Himalaya.
                                        The ship Donald McLaren sailed to Halifax on in 1885 to serve in the army.

By the time their second child was born in 1893 at Ewloe Barn, Hawarden, Flintshire, Donald had become a Police Officer.

 Flintshire Police badge

P,C. Donald McLaren           Platoon photograph of Flintshire Police Force.

                      This photograph taken in 1908 after his wife Ellen's death, shows Donald McLaren with his children.

From left to right - Florence Lily, Harriet Janet, Donald with Elsie sitting on his knee, Edith Jessie with Minnie on her knee, Margaret Ellen and Emma. Sitting on the floor mat are Hector Baden and Doris May.

Donald McLaren died at the Flintshire Police Station on 17 June, 1910, his wife Ellen died 23 October 1907, nine days after giving birth to Minnie Hinton, it is thought by the family that she died through suffering a heart attack.
Both Donald and Ellen are both buried at St Chad's Church, Flintshire.

         Death certificate of PC30 Donald McLaren

       Donald McLaren's inquest on 18 June 1910                         Ellen McLaren's inquest on 25 October 1907.                          

Of the eleven McLaren children four, Florence Lily, Doris May, Elsie and Minnie were cared for by the Northern Police Orphanage.
Ann Fowler, who provided all of the information for this article, says that her grandmother Janet McLaren (Harriet Janet) just missed out going to the orphanage and went into service working at Cherry Lodge in Malpas, Cheshire. Janet married Richard Sidney Heatley on 24 January, 1925 at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Castle Hill, Whitchurch,Shropshire.
Ann's mother, Joan Audrey Heatley was born in 1926, she was the eldest of three children.

These two rare photographs of the Northern Police Orphanage girls would have been taken in the early 1900's and some, if not all, of the McLaren girls would be included in the photographs, unfortunately they are not able to be identified.

                                                                P.C. George Ernest Parker



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