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Eileen Conolly nee Collins

Eileen Conolly nee Collins has passed away on 21 August, aged 93. Eileen worked at St George's House and was very involved with the 6th Harrogate St George's, Girl Guide Troop during World War II. She had many pleasant memories of the times spent with the Girl Guide group and the following photograph shows her leading the Troop, giving the salute in front of the Harrogate Municipal Offices.

We send our thoughts and condolences to her family.
Inserted 22/8/2013

Harold Jones 325

Sad to record that Harold Jones passed away at the Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle on Friday, 9 August. He was 94 and our oldest old boy with St George’s memories that stretched back a long way.
Harold was so pleased when he managed to re-establish contact with our group after being out of touch for so many years, he derived much enjoyment from the reunions he was able to attend in Harrogate.

He was a real gentleman and a credit to St George’s. We will all miss him and yet will remember the times spent chatting with him in Harrogate with pleasure.

                                                                    Harold Jones. 325
Inserted 14/8/2013

George Stephenson

Sadly,we record the passing of George Stephenson, husband of Sheila Stephenson who was the organiser of the St George's reunions over many years.
George passed away peacefully on 2nd August, 2013 while in hospital. We extend our thoughts and condolences to all of the Stephenson family.







Sheila and George Stephenson, photo taken in 2005
at the St George's House reunion held in Harrogate.


Inserted 7/8/2013

Why the Bank of England should use Catherine Gurney's image on the banknotes.


The recent furore about having women represented on the UK banknotes has highlighted the need to consider other women candidates who may be suitable for this role.
Yes, there are quite a few well known women on the current list for consideration, most fall in to basic categories such as writer, political activist, scientist and that of social reformer


The women are all brilliant in their own way but are they noteworthy ? Are they unique to the point that one stands well above the others ? That is a question to which there are many answers, depending on ones point of view.

My view is that Catherine Gurney was such a women, She not only founded many philanthropic based institutions, mainly to support and help members of the Police Forces their families and children, but did so in such a well organised and practical manner that many of the institutions are still fully operational today, that is well over a hundred years since they first started.

To see what she accomplished in her lifetime visit

After we made representation, the Bank of England has recognised Catherine Gurney's achievements and added her name to the list of contenders. This is a good start and hopefully in the future she will get the recognition she deserves.
Inserted 31/7/2013

80,000 Visitors. The number of visitors to our website has now reached 80,000. It is very pleasing to see the site accessed and used so regularly by people from all around the world.
Inserted 31/7/2013

Title: A Beloved Lady. A record of the life and work of Catherine Gurney OBE.

A book has recently been published which records the founding by Catherine Gurney, of the various police charitable organisations which she initiated in the late 1800's early 1900's.


Wriiten by J.H.Tritton and edited by Don Axcell. It is a well detailed summary of the work carried out by Catherine Gurney.
Available from

Don Axcell is the Executive Director of the Christian Police Association. This organization was originally known as the International Christian Police Association and was founded in 1883 by Catherine Gurney. Our St George’s website is linked to their site, visit:  



Inserted 30/6/2013

Prince Andrew visits Police Treatment Centre, Harrogate.

The Duke of York Wing at the Police Treatment Centre, Harrogate, has been officially opened by Prince Andrew. The new Wing  accommodates the Physiotherapy and Rehab Gym service, essential for the successful treatment of injured Police Officers.    Prince Andrew, as Patron of the Police Treatment Centres was shown around the premises by Michael Baxter QPM, Chief Executive, the Mayor of Harrogate Coun Michael Newby and Ian Poultney, Chairman of Trustees.

To read more and view the video click on the following link:

                            Michael Baxter QPM, Chief Executive, accompanying Prince Andrew.
Inserted 24/5/2013

Elsie Gale, 541, formerly Pickering nee Bradley

We are sad to report that we have recently learned of the passing of a St George's old girl, Elsie Gale, 541. She passed away on Tuesday 30 April, 2013 at Castle Hill Hospital, Cottingham.
To use the words of one of her family, "Elsie had a huge and unending passion for St George's and the annual reunions (which she used to organise over a twenty year period) were always the high point of her year".

                                                                          Elsie Gale  (541)
                          Elsie Gale officiating at the                                                    Elsie Gale receiving her silver plate
                          1982 St George's Reunion.                                                     at the 1976 Reunion.

Elsie was also instrumental and very much involved in organising our reunions and the content of our website, providing much background information and photographs for use on the site. A further strong interest of hers was Genealogy, she was always willing to help others by carrying out research on their behalf, to help them with their quest for family background information.
Elsie Gale's funeral will take  place on Wednesday 15th May  - at Chanterlands Crematorium, Chanterlands Avenue, Hull, North Humberside. HU5 4EF. She leaves behind her husband Reg and children Jane, Dean, John & Sarah.
Inserted 11/5/2013

70,000 Visitors. In January 2013 our website had it's 70,000th visitor since launching in 2007.
Inserted 3/5/2013

Barbara Scrivener 531
Barbara Scrivener passed away on 21 March,2013. She had been ill for some time having spent the last nine years in a private nursing home and is survived by her son Peter.
Barbara entered St George's in 1939 along with four other siblings, Jenny (528),Donald (529), Norman (530) and Jill (545).
Inserted 26/3/2013

Jean Dougan nee Williams 515

Jean Dougan passed away on Tuesday February 19, 2013. She had been cared for by her family until just after Christmas when she was transferred to Cornwall Hospice. She passed away peacefully with her family by her side.
Having lived in Canada for many years,  Jean was in her 82nd year at the time of her death.
Inserted 2/3/2013

Jessie Curtis nee Webster. 312
Jessie Curtis has passed away on 22 January 2013 in Pembrokeshire, she was 97 years old. Jessie married William (Bill) Curtis who was in the Palestine Police.  Bill came from Wales originally and after the foundation of the state of Israel went back into farming. From 1952 they owned their own farm near Fishguard in Pembrokeshire. They had two sons, John and Tim.
Inserted 26/1/2013



70,000 Visitors. In January 2013 our website had it's 70,000th visitor since launching in 2007.
Inserted 3/5/2013

Barbara Scrivener 531
Barbara Scrivener passed away on 21 March,2013. She had been ill for some time having spent the last nine years in a private nursing home and is survived by her son Peter.
Barbara entered St George's in 1939 along with four other siblings, Jenny (528),Donald (529), Norman (530) and Jill (545).
Inserted 26/3/2013

Jean Dougan nee Williams 515

Jean Dougan passed away on Tuesday February 19, 2013. She had been cared for by her family until just after Christmas when she was transferred to Cornwall Hospice. She passed away peacefully with her family by her side.
Having lived in Canada for many years,  Jean was in her 82nd year at the time of her death.
Inserted 2/3/2013

Jessie Curtis nee Webster 312
Jessie Curtis has passed away on 22 January 2013 in Pembrokeshire, she was 97 years old. Jessie married William (Bill) Curtis who was in the Palestine Police.  Bill came from Wales originally and after the foundation of the state of Israel went back into farming. From 1952 they owned their own farm near Fishguard in Pembrokeshire. They had two sons, John and Tim.
Inserted 26/1/2013

St George's House, 2013 Harrogate Reunion.
The arrangements for the next St George's House reunion have now been finalised:

Venue: The Majestic Hotel, Ripon Road, Harrogate. HG1 2HU
Dates: Friday 19 April to Sunday 21 April, 2013.

For further details contact Peter Taylor by email:

Margery Madew

Margery MADEW (Wife of Lawrence MADEW 382) passed away on Thursday 27th September. She had been diagnosed with cancer only 3 months ago and died peacefully at home. In the early days Margery always supported Lawrence on his visits to the St George's reunions. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.





Margery Madew

We send our thoughts and condolences to the family.
Inserted 4/10/2012

New page - Memorials added to our website. World War I and World War II
Information and photographs which have recently been supplied to us about Frances Darlington, Sculptor, prompted us to create a special page covering the St George's House memorials.

               Close up photographs of Frances Darlington's World war I sculpture. To access this article, see index on the left and
            select Memorials.
Inserted 7/5/2012

Major addition to Catherine Gurney page.

Material about some of Catherine Gurney's ancestors and later family has been recently made available to us. This information is so remarkable and of such great interest that we have decided to expand the Catherine Gurney page to accommodate some of it.
When you read about many of her family members, you will find a history lesson unfolding before you.

Joseph Gurney             Rebecca Gurney    Elizabeth Fry             Russell Gurney          Thomas Gurney    Sir John Gurney     Emma Salter Gurney
                                                                  nee Gurney

To access this article see index on the left and select Catherine Gurney.
Inserted 26/4/2012

Gurney Plaque Unveiled.

A plaque in remembrance of Catherine Gurney was unveiled at the Police Treatment Centre (St Andrew's), Harlow Moor Road, Harrogate, on Sunday April 22nd, 2012. The plaque recognises not only Catherine Gurney but also the Police Treatment Centre and St George’s House, Northern Police Orphanage.

                            The Catherine Gurney plaque              The official unveiling

The unveiling event was attended by Les Ellington - Mayor of Harrogate; Mark Botham - Vice Chairman of the St George’s Police Trust and PTC; Michael Baxter C.E.O. Police Treatment Centre; Henry Pankhurst - Chairman of Harrogate Civic Society; Andrew Jones, MP (Harrogate); Malcolm Neeson - Historian and columnist for Harrogate Advertiser and of course the St George's old boys/girls and friends, attending the coffee morning. The unveiling was followed by, a short talk about Catherine Gurney and also an opportunity to tour the Police Treatment Centre. 
Our thanks go to everyone involved with this project, in particular, the Harrogate Civic Society and the Police Treatment Centre for arranging this plaque.
Inserted 26/4/2012

St George's House, 2012 Harrogate Reunion.
The 2012 reunion was successfully held at the
The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, Friday 20th April to Sunday 22nd April.
Over thirty old boys/girls family and friends attended the weekend and all enjoyed the convivial time spent together.

                        The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate. 
Inserted 26/4/2012                                                                            


New page added to our website:  Saint George - Legend & History.

As more and more people celebrate 23rd April, St George's Day, we thought it appropriate to provide you with some of the historical facts about Saint George, the Patron Saint of England.

The article based upon one published in the Spring Quarterly edition of This England magazine looks at the facts, legends and myths which surround and contribute to the perceived background of Saint George. To access this article see index on the left and select Saint George - History.
Inserted 24/3/2012

Early Spring in Harrogate

A visit to the Stray in Harrogate last Friday (24 February), by old boy Des Drummond with his wife Eileen, inspired this photograph of the Crocuses. Could it be an omen for an early Spring ?

                                            Crocuses in Harrogate, Yorkshire.
Inserted 28/2/2012

50,000 Visitors. In December 2011 our website had it's 50,000th visitor. It is very pleasing to see the website accessed by so many people from all around the world, showing an interest in both St George's and genealogy.
Inserted 8/2/2012

Norma Green 542

We have been informed that Norma Green nee Bradley passed away in Harrogate Hospital on Tuesday 12 July, 2011. Norma, married to Ernest, was the sister of Elsie Gale nee Bradley and was in our news recently when her book The Jam Pot District was published and released in November 2010.
Norma was born in Bolton on 13 October 1936 and leaves behind her husband Ernest and their two daughters Hazel & Susan.
A private funeral will be held at Stonefall Cemetery, Harrogate.
Our thoughts and sympathy go to the family at this difficult time.


Norma's funeral took place at Stonefall cemetery, Harrogate on Thursday, 21st July, 2011 at 11am and was very well attended by her family and friends, followed by a buffet meal at the Regency Hotel, East Parade, Harrogate.
David & Dorothy Thrush and Norma's sister Elsie Gale, represented St George's.
Norma's husband Ernest, his daughters Hazel & Susan, as well as Elsie, would like to thank everyone who attended and also to those who sent cards. The family appreciated their kind words and thoughtfulness.

inserted 25/7/2011

Frank Gilbert 478

We have received sad news of the passing of Frank Gilbert (Born 06.07.1927) on Saturday 28th May 2011.
Frank was child 478 on our list of children and entered St George's with his brother Peter (479) in 1936 and was later joined by two further brothers Dennis (492) and Ivor (493) in 1937.

Frank's wife Joan passed away on 4 April, 2011, some 7 weeks ago.

The funeral will be held on Wednesday 8th June 3pm at Wilford Hill, Nottingham.
Inserted 4/6/2011


40,000 Visitors to our website 

On Friday 24 April, 2011 the number of persons visiting our website since it was launched in September 2007, broke through the 40,000 number. No doubt the widespread popularity in genealogy and in particular the research carried out by the families of orphans, has fuelled and focused visitors interest in our website and others that provide information about family history.
Inserted 12/5/2011


2011 Harrogate Reunion.

The reunion was held at the Majestic Hotel, Harrogate on 15/16/17 April at which Sheila Stephenson, our organiser of these events for many years, announced that she wished to resign from this role. In future her duties will be handled by three of our group, these are, Rev David Uffindell, who will be the main Events Organiser with Administration & Correspondence looked after by Vera Robinson and the role of Treasurer taken up by Peter Waddington.

                                               Vera Robinson                  Rev David Uffindell             Peter Waddington
Events Organiser                   Treasurer
Inserted 2/5/2011

In support of the Police Treatment Centres 

A 'Readers Letter' published by NARPO, National Association of Retired Police Officers, has gained our attention and, because we are strong supporters of the Police Treatment Centre (St Andrew's), we reproduce it here in the hope that it may inspire others to show their appreciation of the ongoing service & care provided by PTC, in a practical way.

Police Treatment Centres

Having just returned home after a week's stay at the Northern Police Treatment Centre, Harrogate (I suffer from a chronic back complaint), I would like to draw the attention of all retired staff to the marvellous facilities which are available to retired members who contributed to the charity whilst serving officers.
It is only with their help over the years that I can enjoy the active lifestyle that my retirement allows.

However, I have learnt that there is a shortfall in income due to the lack of subscriptions and the rising cost of the treatment and running of the centres and I would like any retired member who attends to make a donation, however small, to the Charity.

We no longer contribute to the charity and as such I will be donating my expenses that the Force Benevolent Fund gives me for attending the centre (about £40 ). Once this cheque arrives I will be donating this amount to the centre's funds.
It is only a small token but one which, if every retired officer who attends was to copy, will make a substantial difference
in the deficit. Please give consideration to this and secure the future of this excellent facility.

Also as an 'eBay' occasional seller I will be donating part of any future sales on eBay to the centre. The charity is listed in their records and a click of a button when completing the sellers listing means the centre will automatically receive 10% of all my sales. It again may not be much but it's money I never had so will never miss. I would again ask that this way of donating be considered too.

Eric Flatman
(ex South Yorkshire)
Inserted 11/5/2011

Olga Brett 434, formerly Murphy nee Hewitson

We have been informed that Olga Brett has passed away suddenly on Wednesday 6 April at Walmer House Care Home, Torquay, where she has lived since the death of her second husband Harry, in 2005. Olga's funeral will take place this weekend at St Bede's Chapel, Middlesbrough Crematorium , Acklam Road.

The Yorkshire Dalesman
The Yorkshire Dalesman magazine has kindly published a story about St George's, including several photographs, in it's April 2011 issue. Hopefully some of our old boys/girls or their families will see the article and get in touch with us so that contact can be       re-established with them. This is a well produced magazine focused on Yorkshire happenings, people and events and well worth reading every month.

Richard Ruddick 445
Richard Ruddick, who had been ailing for some time, passed away on 9 December 2010, he had entered St George's in 1934. Our thoughts and condolences go to his widow Yvonne. She and Richard, were regular attendees of our reunions and had many friends within the St George's group.
Inserted 5/3/2011

Arthur Deakin 597
We have been informed that Arthur Deakin, old boy number 597, passed away on 11 January, 2011. His funeral service will be held at the Parish Church, Otley, on Friday, 21 January at 11.30.
Arthur came from Salford and entered St George's in 1947.
We extend our condolences to his wife Barbara.
Inserted 16/1/2011

Norma Green nee Bradley 542 


We have just received news that one of our old girls, Norma Green nee Bradley, has recently finished writing a novel. This has now been published and will be available for purchase from 22nd November, 2010.

Title: The Jam Pot District.
Author: Norma Green.
ISBN: 9781848971165

Published by: Olympia Publishers

Paperback    265 pages
Price: £7.99
The book will be in the shops from the end of November.  Waterstones.   W H Smith.
Also available online from Amazon.  

The action takes place in the early 1900s in the Jam Pot District of Bolton, a cotton mill town in Lancashire.   The Jam Pot District was known as such locally, as these Boltonians were buying their own houses and had very little money left after the mortgage payments and they could only afford to eat bread and jam.


Well done Norma, congratulations from all of us.
Inserted 20/11/2010



Aileen Geraghty
Peter Geraghty (548) has been in touch to say that his wife Aileen, a lovely lady, died in hospital on Thursday 1st. July. Her funeral will take place on Wednesday, July 14th at 12.30pm at the Garrison Chapel, Aldershot, Hampshire.

Peter & Aileen both regularly attended our Harrogate reunions over the past few years. Many of you will have had the chance to meet Aileen on these occasions and will know what a charming lady she was. We will miss her.

                                                              Peter & Aileen Geraghty

I know you will all join me in extending our sincere condolences to Peter and his family, on their loss.
Inserted 05/07/2010

Majestic Hotel Fire

Fire in the Majestic Hotel, Harrogate. 5 May 2010

FIREFIGHTERS battling a "suspicious" blaze at one of Yorkshire's top hotels have this afternoon recovered a body.
North Yorkshire Police said more than 130 guests were moved out of the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate.

Fire crews were called to the historic building at around 5am.
It is thought the blaze may have started in one of the top-floor rooms.
Eyewitnesses reported seeing flames coming from the roof of the hotel.
Around 60 firefighters were brought in to tackle the blaze at the hotel, which is located in 12 acres of gardens in the heart of Harrogate.

As old boys and girls of St George's are aware, this is the hotel that the St George's reunions are held every year, the most recent event being just a few weeks ago in April.
Inserted 6 May 2010

Averil Paroli
Averil Paroli, eldest daughter of St George’s old boy Peter Taylor (560), has agreed to learn Frontpage program (used to construct the St George’s website) and to familiarize herself with the workings of the site.  The reason for doing this is to ensure that we have some form of editorial continuity into the future and to try to have a seamless handover should the need arise.

Averil is married to Beni Paroli and they have 4 boys. Sam 23, Matthew 21, Joe 19, Daniel 17.
The family home is in Otaki, on the Kapiti Coast, Wellington.

She has undertaken various studies over the past few years and has achieved:
National Certificate in Computing.
Diploma in Business.
Diploma in Accounting.

Averil works in the office for a local food warehouse distribution company, in the role of Accounts/Payroll manager.

Averil, who was born profoundly deaf, is an expert lip reader and a couple of years ago underwent a Cochlear Implant operation (a device that provides hearing sensations for severely and profoundly deaf individuals who derive no significant benefit from hearing) This requires a whole new experience for Averil who has to learn to put to word meanings to new sounds. This takes time because it is like learning a new language, her use of the telephone is progressing but is still challenging.

Averil Paroli

 Alan Outhwaite
We have just received word that Alan Outhwaite has died aged 69 on Thursday 4th February.
His funeral will be held on Thursday 18th February at St Mary’s R C Church, Knaresborough at 11am and afterwards at Harrogate Golf Club.
Alan Outhwaite was Superintendent of St Andrew’s from 1984 – 2004 and over that time was very supportive of our St George’s group.

Superintendents and CEO's of The Police Treatment Centres.

Miss Emma Chapman      1898   
Miss V. Donkin                  1903
Miss E. H. Thompson       1906 - 1938
Mrs S. Gibbons                  1938 - 1961
Mr. Frederick Robinson   1961 - 1970
Mr. Reg Webb.                  1970 - 1984
Mr. Alan Outhwaite         1984 - 2004
Mrs. Katherine Martin     2004 - 2007
Mr. P.  Grant                      2007 - 2007 (Acting CEO)
Mr.  Michael Baxter         2007 to date.

Our condolences and thoughts go to his family.
Inserted 5/2/2010

Grace Kirk, nee Thorpe 392
We have just learnt that Grace Kirk, nee Thorpe, passed away in October 2009.
Grace and her brother Herbert came originally from Nottingham and entered St George’s in 1929.

Our thoughts and condolences go to her family.
Inserted 5/1/2010

John Redpath 573
Word has just been received that John Redpath passed away a few weeks ago. He died peacefully in his sleep.
John, originally from Northumberland, entered St George's along with his brothers Thomas & Howard, in 1945

His funeral was attended by many of his old friends and family and by many of the much loved staff at the nursing home where he stayed for the last few years of his life. 

Our condolences and thoughts go to his family.
Inserted 6/10/2009

Thomas Gowans FRCS.  See article and photograph on Health/Work Duties page.

St Andrew's new page has been added to our website.
The article covers the history of The Police Treatment Centres (St Andrew's). It also includes some diagrams and photos of the early days, from the original building design, right through to the present time.
It is an interesting summary and well worth reading.

Inserted 22/8/2009

 Frederick Robinson
We received the following email from Janet Bolton, daughter of Frederick Robinson, who was the man put in charge of the closure and sale of St George's.

"My Father (Frederick Robinson OBE ) was put in charge of closing the Orphanage down, and finding homes for the children. We moved to Harrogate in November 1954 and actually stayed in St George's until a house was found for the family.  He was a lovely man, and him and my Mother used to go and visit some of the children who had been placed with foster parents etc.  This was particularly in the Yorkshire area.  After the home was closed down he went on to be in charge of St George's Police Convalescent Home for a number of years, until he retired totally.
He actually retired from Halifax Borough Police as Inspector and Chief Clerk to do the job in Harrogate.
He was a very dedicated man to his job and very thorough in everything he did.  He died in 1975".
                                                                              Frederick & Clare Robinson.
See the article on the 'From the Past' page.
Inserted 7/5/2009


Christian Police Association, UK.
The Christian Police Association, which was formed in 1883 by Catherine Gurney, is celebrating its 125th Anniversary this year.
A special Thanksgiving Service will be held at 3pm on Saturday 1st November, 2008 at All Souls Church, Langham Place,
London,W1.  St George's old boys & girls are welcome to attend. There is no charge and tickets are not required, see website
for further details.
Inserted 23/9/2008

Thomas A. Seddon (588)
Karen Carrington nee Seddon (daughter of Tom and Brenda Seddon)  after visiting our website, got in touch with us to say that
she has found a couple of photographs of Tom which she has kindly supplied to us for use in this article.
Tom Seddon, born in Bolton in 1934, entered St George's September 1946 at the age of 12, after his father, who served in the Mounted Section of Bolton Borough Police Force, died at the age of 55. Tom attended Harrogate Grammar School and was still at St George's under Miss Duke Turner when the orphanage moved to Albany Lodge, Hereford Rd, Harrogate.
Some of you will remember that Tom took part in the Banner of St George concert and play in April 1948, held to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of St George's.
Upon leaving the orphanage he did his National Service with the Army Catering Corps and later operated guest houses in Morecambe and Blackpool, where he died in December 2006.
Tom and Brenda (deceased) had two children Karen and David (deceased). Later, Tom married Margaret and they produced a
daughter, Sarah. Following are the two photos.

          Brenda & Tom Seddon 1960                                   Sarah & Tom Seddon 2005
Inserted 13/8/2008

Proposed St George's Mini Reunion Friday 17th & Saturday 18th October, 2008.

Fayrer Garden
House Hotel, Lyth Valley Road, Bowness on Windermere, LA23 3JP.

Tel:015394 88195

Email contact:
Organised by:  Des & Eileen Drummond
                    'Heathside', Kennett Road, Herringswell,
                    Bury St Edmonds.
                    Suffolk. IP28 6SS.
                    Tel: 01638 552 492

This hotel has super rooms, good facilities, especially good food coupled with excellent service. The cost per room is reasonable
because it includes Room, Breakfast and Dinner for each of the two days stay, departing Sunday morning.
The cost starts at £158.00 per person per two nights inclusive for a standard room with en-suite facilities. Other upgrade options include Garden View Room, Lake View Room or the ultimate Superior Lake View Room, visit the website to obtain room rates.

Whichever type you choose, do not hesitate to make your booking, at the moment the hotel can accommodate us but as is usual,
all bookings are done on a first come first served basis.
There is a £60.00 deposit required per room, payable by cheque or credit card, non refundable if not attended, or without giving
reasonable cancellation notice.

If you would like to attend the reunion and stay at this hotel, please make your own booking by telephoning or emailing the hotel direct, explaining that you are with the St George's Reunion Group.

Please advise Des & Eileen Drummond if you plan to attend the reunion. Hope to see you there !
Notice inserted 29/5/2008

Geraghty Family Reunion 2008
The 'Geraghty' Family have enjoyed a family reunion in Australia to celebrate the 70th birthday of twins, Pat Mason nee Geraghty and Mary Spence nee Geraghty. 
I have it on good authority that there was much partying, laughter and catching up to do and a good time was had by all.

Brother and sisters, Jacqueline, Mary, Peter & Pat                       The family group.
Inserted 7/3/2008

Passed Away

Cynthia Uffindell, wife of The Rev David Uffindell (old boy of St George's) died in Shrewsbury Hospital on 20/1/2008 after suffering a stroke last March and subsequent complications. The funeral will be held at 12.15pm on 1st February, at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Meadowfarm Drive, Harlescott, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. David wishes to thank everyone who has written or telephoned him and regrets not being able to reply to everyone, personally.
Inserted 25/1/08

 Pearl Peacock, wife of the deceased St George's old boy Richard Peacock DFC, died on Wednesday 12 December, 2007 after a period of two weeks in hospital. Pearl's funeral will be held at the little church at Kirkby in Cleveland at 2.45pm on Wednesday,
19 December, 2007 - the same church where Richard's funeral was held nearly three years ago.
Inserted 14/12/07

Ann Christine Burgess 604, formerly Fox (nee Wheatley) old girl of St George's, passed away 24 September 2007, Belmont House, Nursing Home, Harrogate.

Peter Gilbert 479, old boy of St George's, passed away 24 July 2007 at Seahouses,Northumberland.


St George's Old Boys & Girls, and friends, who have recently passed away.

479                     604
            P.Gilbert           A.Burgess         C.Uffindell       P. Peacock 
                               formerly Fox
                               nee Wheatley





                                                                                                                                        Deus Vult

Email contact: